Injustice 2 Trailer Highlights Batman's Team and Reveals New Characters

injustice 2 green arrow reveal

NetherRealm Studios revealed its first Shattered Alliances story trailer for Injustice 2 a couple weeks ago, putting a focus on Superman and his move towards a more brutal dictatorship. Today, a brand new trailer and part two of this conflict centers on Batman's side. As expected, the footage shows more cinematic flair mixed with gameplay, including story heavy elements with never before seen characters and other minor characters like Lucius Fox  of the conflict.

With Superman seemingly in prison, Bruce Wayne explains that his good intentions led him astray taking him from the world's greatest hero to its biggest threat. Unfortunately, Superman's Regime starts to rise once again, forcing Batman to assemble his own squad to fight back including Harley Quinn, Black Canary and characters which NetherRealm have not shown off yet like Green Arrow, The Flash, and Green Lantern. Recent Injustice 2 reveals like Dr. Fate and Damian Wayne are also prominently featured.

Green Arrow has no lines of dialogue but fans can get a good look at some of his gameplay near the end of the trailer. After firing and intentionally missing what appears to be an explosive arrow, Oliver Queen runs and jumps on the enemy only to flip him over on top of it causing a large explosion. Interestingly enough, one of the initial premium skins for The Flash, Reverse Flash,  also makes an appearance in the trailer, though it isn't known yet how much of an impact he'll have in the story.

While Injustice 2 continues the story line from its predecessor, DC Comics has taken the opportunity to fill in the blanks and set up the events in the game through a new comic series. In a recent interview with writer Tom Taylor, the comic will cover how Batman's crew tries to fix the chaos left behind in the wake of Superman being put in jail. No doubt, the story aims to set up the ultimate reveal of Brainiac who was confirmed to be pulling the strings behind the scenes in an earlier CG trailer.

What do you think of the recent character reveals? Who else are you hoping gets added to the roster before release?

Injustice 2 launches on May 16, 2017 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Injustice YouTube Channel

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