A couple of teaser clips depicting characters from NetherRealm Studios’ forthcoming fighting game Injustice 2 hint at a reveal of some kind taking place next week.

With Injustice 2 fans having recently been given good news thanks to NetherRealm Studios confirming the official release date of its upcoming fighting game, it seems as if the developer is planning to unveil even more about the title relatively soon. As it happens, Injustice 2 developers have released two brief teaser clips of the game with the attached message of there being a reveal of some kind happening next week.

As seen on Injustice 2‘s official Twitter page, NetherRealm Studios released the teaser seen below today, which depicts Superman cradling a veiled individual’s potentially lifeless body, with a caption reading, “The Lines Are Redrawn” above the presumed reveal date of January 17, 2017. Then, DC Comics tweeted out a short GIF showing Wonder Woman duking it out against Supergirl with the phrase “The Battle Rages On” written above it.

The Lines Are Redrawn.
Find out more 01.17.2017 #Injustice2 pic.twitter.com/bG4DX2wtye
— Injustice2 (@InjusticeGame) January 13, 2017

The Battle Rages On - 01.17.2017 #Injustice2 https://t.co/Cy9WfIvcyo pic.twitter.com/aqhbnUFiJD— DC (@DCComics) January 13, 2017

Since the above teasers both involve characters that have already been revealed for Injustice 2‘s roster, it’s quite possible for NetherRealm Studios to focus on details regarding the game’s story next week, especially since the person Superman’s holding in his arms could have a major bearing on the plot. Nevertheless, there’s also potential for the developer to build on these short scenes and reveal new fighters.

In addition to the aforementioned characters, Injustice 2 is currently set to feature Batman, Aquaman, Flash, Blue Beetle, Atrocitus, Gorilla Grodd, Harley Quinn, and Deadshot, with NetherRealm Studios promising that there will be even more heroes and villains to be announced for the lineup sometime in the near future. As far as fresh recruits for Injustice 2 goes, Watchmen characters have been teased, as well as Sub-Zero and Spawn, so there’s a chance any of them could make an appearance in the reveal next week.


However, it could also be argued that since today’s teasers feature characters that have been previously confirmed for Injustice 2, fans might receive some pieces of extended gameplay footage showing off any additional skills they may have. Of course, most fans would rather learn that the roster is going to be updated as opposed to seeing an established fighter battle again, but it’s anyone’s guess as to what NetherRealm Studios will reveal next week.

Considering the fact that a couple of simple teases for incoming Injustice 2 news set for a week in advance can generate such a decent amount of buzz, it makes sense that the title’s considered by many to be one of the most anticipated video games of 2017. With that being the case, it will be interesting to see what NetherRealm Studios cooks up in the coming weeks and months to keep fans engaged.

Injustice 2 is set to be released on May 16, 2017, with the only confirmed platforms so far being PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.