NetherRealm Studios officially releases brand new footage detailing the combat abilities of the heroine Supergirl in the forthcoming fighting game Injustice 2.

As most Injustice 2 fans will likely recall, Supergirl has been confirmed as a part of the game’s roster ever since NetherRealm Studios unveiled the title’s existence with its official reveal trailer. Since then, though, fans have only been given a relatively brief look at her abilities with a short bit of gameplay footage, which has surely prompted the developer to show off even more of Supergirl’s powers and maneuvers by way of a brand new video that focuses on her in action.

As seen below in the video courtesy of IGN, Supergirl’s certainly no slouch when it comes to holding her own in combat. As a matter of fact, the former Kryptonian harnesses a wide range of skills when it comes to fighting her opponents in Injustice 2, which could lead to her becoming one of fans’ main character choices once the game releases sometime next year.

As should be expected, Supergirl’s powers are comparable to her cousin Superman’s, but instead of being a brute-force brawler like Kal-El, she relies more so on agility and a variety of combo moves to keep opponents on their toes. For instance, her combo known as The Last Daughter of Krypton will help players get into the groove for a longer chain of hits, but if raw power is what players intend to use, Supergirl can also simply kick her enemies in the gut and throw them on their heads with a power bomb that can be used on its own or carried over into a greater combo.

Of course, with speed and agility being two of Supergirl’s major assets, she can throw a furious flurry of punches with combinations like Crossroads of Time. However, where she really shines is in long range combat due to her plethora of projectiles like heat vision, freezing breath, and Kryptonian force tornadoes that open up the opportunity for higher hit combos and damage multipliers.


Naturally, Supergirl’s most devastating ability will be her super move, which has been dubbed Asteroid Shower. Much like the name implies, Supergirl grabs her opponent, flies them into outer space next to the sun, and blasts them back to Earth with her heat vision cutting through an asteroid belt, which causes the cosmic rocks to reign down onto the enemy from above.

Supergirl is far from the only character that will make her way into Injustice 2, but NetherRealm Studios has only confirmed a handful of fighters thus far. Heroes such as Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle will be joining the roster as well, in addition to other franchise mainstays such as Superman, Batman, Aquaman, and Flash. As far as villains are concerned, Gorllia Grodd, Atrocitus, Harley Quinn, and Deadshot are a part of the line up, with the developer having stated that there will be even more to come. Should NetherRealm Studios offer up fighters as potent as Supergirl and the rest, then perhaps we won’t be so downtrodden if some of the characters we want for the game don’t make the cut.

Injustice 2 is set to release sometime in 2017, but there has been no confirmation as to which platforms will support the game.