After launching to monster sales numbers this past May, NeatherRealm Studios has managed to keep Injustice 2 fans happy through monthly releases of brand new content. Not only have new fighters like Red Hood, Starfire, and others were added to the already large roster, but bug fixes and daily multiverse events manage to keep the game feeling fresh. While many fans were ultimately disappointed by the inclusion of a second Mortal Kombat character in this latest DLC pack, NeatherRealm is making up for it by giving players something else alongside Raiden which helps make this upcoming character update the best of both worlds.

The latest trailer shown off at the Injustice 2 Pro Series finale event this past weekend, gave fans their first real look at what Raiden is bringing with him into the DC fighting game. Like Sub-Zero, Raiden brings most of his trademark Mortal Kombat abilities with him such as his teleport move, torpedo, and other lightning based attacks. Raiden’s super moveĀ is easily one of the most flashy abilities in the game as he is able to transform the arena to a rain-soaked bridge straight out of Mortal Kombat. From there, Raiden flies his opponent upward and creates the Mortal Kombat logo in front of a full moon. Surprisingly, the dragon comes to life, grabbing the opponent and slamming them back to the ground.

Black Lightning was a character many people were hoping to see included as a DLC character. With Raiden being confirmed, the chances dropped as Black Lightning also utilizes heavy lightning based attacks. Thankfully, NeatherRealm Studios isn’t leaving those fans hanging as Raiden will also be coming with a Black Lightning premier skin, which turns Raiden into the DC hero and gives him a new voice and completely unique voice lines as well. Better yet, this premier skin will be given out for free to owners of the Ultimate Edition of the game.

As expected, Raiden joins the main roster sometime in October, joining Black Manta who was released earlier this month. The second Fighter Pack will likely wrap up in November with the surprising reveal of Hellboy. While NeatherRealm has not given any hints as to the contents of the last announced Fighter Pack coming after this one concludes, it hasn’t stopped fans from speculating. Guesses range from the likes of DC characters like Enchantress, Azrael, and Atom, to guest characters like Todd McFarlane’s highly requested creation, Spawn.

Injustice 2 is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Injustice YouTube