Although Injustice 2‘s official release date isn’t supposed to occur until next week, one lucky fan seems to have received their copy of NetherRealm Studios’ DC Comics-inspired fighting game early, and they have decided to take advantage of the situation by posting several images of the title’s Premier skins. As it happens, each of the skins take existing heroes and villains from the game and alter their appearance so that they look and sound like completely different characters from the DC Universe.

As seen from the gallery of images below, the reveal of the Premier skins comes courtesy of the Injustice 2 fan Bruno del Villar, who took to his Twitter account to showcase the pictures, which depict the likes of Flash being turned into Reverse Flash and Jay Garrick, Cheetah as Vixen, Captain Cold as Mr. Freeze, Supergirl as Power Girl, and Green Lantern as the John Stewart version of the hero. According to del Villar, the six aforementioned skins are the only ones he can see in the game thus far, but that’s not to say there won’t eventually be more added to the title at a later date.






Interestingly enough, several hours prior to Bruno del Villar’s posting of the Premier skins, Injustice 2 creative director Ed Boon shared an image of Reverse-Flash on his own Twitter page. Bearing this in mind, it makes one wonder whether or not Boon was planning on unveiling each of the skins in a more official capacity by way of his own social media account or through a press release, but it doesn’t matter much now considering they’re out in the wild.

While Bruno del Villar’s sharing of Injustice 2‘s Premier skins offers an actual look at how the assigning of different equipment can change a hero and villain into an entirely different character, NetherRealm Studios has intimated at the feature in the past. In fact, the studio broke down how the gear system works in a trailer a while ago, with the developer mentioning details involving how characters like Supergirl could essentially become Power Girl.

Taking all of this into consideration, although Injustice 2‘s Premier skins don’t totally qualify as new characters, it’s definitely an interesting way to for NetherRealm Studios to technically make new fighters available based on preexisting heroes and villains of the same classes. After all, the base game’s roster is already stacked with familiar and more obscure faces from the DC Universe, and the developer even has more on the way with DLC packs, so, if anything, these Premier skins should offer up a bit more variety and visual flair for fans.

Injustice 2 is scheduled to release on May 16, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Bruno del Villar – Twitter