Injustice 2 Mobile Available Now; Launch Trailer Released

Injustice 2 Mobile Out Now

Injustice 2 Mobile has launched on iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices, accompanied by a new official launch trailer. The touch-controlled fighting and gacha game is a companion release to the upcoming Injustice 2 console release on May 16. Players can download the game now for free and begin unlocking new characters, earning gear and experience, and playing through the Injustice 2 story's first chapter.

While Injustice 2 and its mobile release are vastly different games, there are many parallels between the two. The story is the same in both games, including the cut-scenes. However, whereas Injustice 2's story can be fully experienced with the game's purchase, the mobile version's will only be unlocked as each chapter is released. Currently only Injustice 2's first chapter is available in the mobile game, though it can be played on Heroic difficulty after a playthrough.

The Gear system prominently advertised for Injustice 2 has also made its way into the mobile version of the game as well. Yet again, however,  it's quite different. Gear in Injustice 2 on console will provide an immediate change in appearance, with each character having multiple different pieces of gear per slot. On mobile, each character only has one piece of Gear for each slot and appearances can only change after meeting certain requirements, like acquiring all five pieces of Gear or  bringing all Gear to its maximum level.

Core gameplay in Injustice 2 Mobile is understandably much different than the console game, but it's also quite different than the original mobile Injustice game as well. With taps and swipes, players will be able to move around on the 2D plane as well as launch both crouching and jumping attacks.

The largest difference is Injustice 2 Mobile's 3v3 team gameplay, allowing the player to swap between characters mid-fight. NetherRealm did retain one very cool gameplay element however - the Super abilities. The launch trailer teases many of the great cinematic finishing moves.

The other side of Injustice 2 Mobile is the one often left under discussed -- the gacha. As a free-to-play game, Injustice 2 Mobile features many microtransactions. For example, virtually all of the game's roster must be unlocked by acquiring character tokens.

Tokens can mostly be earned by opening chests with randomized loot of different rarity inside. Chests require various currencies, most of which can only be earned in limited quality each day. The only way to speed up the process, of course, is to spend money on currency and gamble it on opening chests. A lot of people enjoy those types of gameplay progression these days though, it seems.

Injustice 2 Mobile is available now on iOS and Android devices. Injustice 2 launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting May 16.

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