After an impressive debut earlier this year, NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s Injustice 2 has picked up a dedicated playerbase that’s constantly on its toes, looking forward to new content drops and in-game updates. These next few months will satiate that very hunger, as fans will get their hands on a bundle of new characters in the forthcoming Fighter Pack 2. Now, it looks like the fighting fun is starting ahead of schedule, as an early leak of portrait images offer up a closer look at two more Injustice 2 heavy hitters: Hellboy and Raiden.

Raiden Injustice 2 portrait

The first of the two snaps features the Mortal Kombat veteran Raiden. Reddit users uncovered Raiden’s snap, which shows the character in a style that deviates from his normal representation in Mortan Kombat. For starters, his outfit is noticeably different, as it reveals more of his bare chest than usual.

Raiden’s other stock characteristics remain intact, however, like his light blue glowing eyes, his supercharged electric fists, and his hat that remains firmly on top of his head even when performing wild charge attacks. Despite the physical changes Raiden now carries, he appears just as formidable as ever.

Hellboy Injustice 2 portrait

Next up is Dark Horse comics’ legendary Hellboy, whose portrait image was found on the Injustice storage page and then posted on Reddit. It’s clear to see that he’s quite accurate to the Mike Mignola-created comic books, and he looks to slightly resemble Hellboy movie actor Ron Perlman in terms of build as well. With radiating yellow eyes, shorn horns, and massive rock fist, Hellboy will likely raise some hell in Injustice 2.

NetherRealm hasn’t indicated when Fighter Pack 2 will drop or the exact date its first character, DC’s Black Manta, will be added to the roster this month. It’s safe to assume that the studio will follow the trusty timeline used for previous character launches, which rolls out one DLC character per month. This means that because players can get their hands on Black Manta sometime in September, while Raiden and Hellboy will likely arrive in October and November.

injustice 2 fighter pack 2

Looking even further down the line, the general consensus is that the third Injustice 2 Fighter Pack will be announced in the last week or so of November. Details on this final pack have been kept under tight wraps, but there’s a good amount of buzz around characters like Beast Boy, Plastic Man, Enchantress, and Spawn.

For now, players can enjoy additional downloadable content, such as the premier skins that give new looks and voices to certain rostered characters like Power Girl and Reverse Flash, and the Bizarro skin for Superman.

Injustice 2 is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Reddit