Injustice 2: How To Get Diamond Mother Boxes


NetherRealm is continuing its hot streak as Injustice 2 seems to be winning over critics and bringing in serious sales. The DC Comics fighting sim expands the successful Mortal Kombat formula by combining iconic characters with a loot system that seems like something out of a Blizzard game. The game's stat-boosting gear can be unlocked by opening Mother Boxes, so players are already busy grinding through the game's modes to earn as many of the loot boxes as possible.

Similar to games like Heroes of the Storm or Overwatch, the loot boxes in Injustice 2 come in a variety of rarities. The basic rarities (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) can be unlocked through lots of different gameplay options and can also be purchased using credits. Diamond and Platinum Mother Boxes are a little harder to track down though.

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At this point, these are the confirmed methods for earning a Diamond Mother Box:

1.) Complete 100% of the Story Mode - One Diamond Mother Box2.) Complete 100% of all character tutorials (including Brainiac) - One Diamond Mother Box3.) Link the console version of Injustice 2 to the tie-in mobile game - One Diamond Mother Box4.) Defeat a guild boss - One Diamond Mother Box per victory5.) Clear Endless in the Battle Simulator with 100+ victories - One Diamond Mother Box per 100+ clear

In addition to completing the items on that list, players will also want to check out the rotating daily Multiverse challenges and objectives. It's possible that the rare Mother Boxes could show up as a reward for some of the more difficult tasks. The rare Boxes will also likely show up as rewards for special in-game events. There should be more details about that option as the game's community continues to grow in the coming weeks.

How many Diamond Mother Boxes have you earned so far? Did you get any exciting loot out of them? Let us know in the comments.

Injustice 2 is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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