Injustice 2 Releases Gameplay Video for Firestorm


Not too long ago, the hero Firestorm was confirmed by way of a reveal trailer as yet another character to be making their way onto the roster for NetherRealm Studios' forthcoming fighting game known as Injustice 2. Now, the developer has officially released another gameplay video for the flying, flame-wielding fighter that shows yet another look at his devastatingly fast and furious move set.

As seen below in the gameplay video for Injustice 2, Firestorm makes quick work of his opponents, as the molecular and matter manipulating superhero unleashes a maelstrom of long and short range attacks. For instance, not only does the character pack quite the punch when it comes to fisticuffs, but also he truly shines when other combatants are at a distance, as he can blast other fighters with fireballs, stop them in their tracks with quickly hardening lava, and even what appear to be concentrated laser shots.

In addition to his standard abilities, it seems as if Firestorm will also be able to utilize an alternate move set that gives way to the blue flame powers of Deathstorm – that is, the first Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond) who came back to life during DC's Blackest Night event to wreak havoc as a Black Lantern. Furthermore, the above gameplay clip for Injustice 2 shows off one of the transitional phases between stages, as Firestorm knocks Catwoman (AKA Selina Kyle) through a wall to get pummeled in the sewers by Killer Croc.

While getting a closer look at Firestorm's move set will almost assuredly please most Injustice 2 fans, it's safe to say that they won't be completely satisfied until the entire roster is set in stone. Thankfully, NetherRealm Studios intends on revealing yet another hero or villain soon enough, with many still wondering if the fighting game will eventually receive at least one Watchmen character.

Of course, it's anyone's guess as to who the next combatant will be announced for Injustice 2, especially with DC Comics' sprawling selection of characters from which to choose. Nevertheless, fans shouldn't expect to see many more majorly recognizable faces like those from the Justice League or even the Legion of Doom, as creative director Ed Boon has promised he and his team will be drawing inspiration from DC's more obscure characters like Doctor Fate this time around.

Injustice 2 is set to release on May 16, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Injustice 2 – YouTube

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