Watch fifteen minutes of Injustice 2 gameplay footage to get a closer look at the heroes, villains, locations, and the all-new gear and stat upgrade system.

Like many of the major announcements that were supposed to be revealed during this year’s E3 presentations, confirmation of Injustice 2 leaked early before the show. Despite the lack of a surprising reveal, fans of DC Comics and NetherRealm fighting games are thrilled to be returning to the brawling world established in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Early details revealed that Injustice 2 would put a big emphasis on loot and rewards this time around. The official trailer revealed at E3 showed some of the gear upgrades that players will be able to unlock and equip. It has since been confirmed that the gear and loot changes will impact both aesthetics and the way that your hero or villain actually fights.

The official trailer offered a look at some gameplay, but it was all highly edited and lacked the in-game UI. Fans who want to see what the fighting will actually look like at home can now check out 15 full minutes of in-game play…

The extended gameplay offers at least a few minutes with every character that is available in the current demo, including; Aquaman, Supergirl, Grodd, Atrocitus, Superman, and Batman. NetherRealm usually likes to slowly unveil the full cast of characters on its Twitch channel in the months leading up to release, so hopefully there are plenty of other fights to come.

The demo also confirms a few fighting locations that were hinted at in the trailer. Metropolis, Gotham, and Atlantis are all used for the fights in the gameplay footage. At the end of each brawl, players get a chance to check out their loot, which appears to have a rarity system like an RPG. After equipping the new gear, players are able to see how it changes their stats. Attack, block, and defense all seem to be impacted by which gear is equipped.

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Injustice 2 releases in 2017.