Since its release back in May, Injustice 2 has been keeping its fanbase happy with a steady stream of new content to enjoy on a monthly basis. The first character pack has already added three new characters to the roster and the studio has applied a number of updates to the game and other goodies like the Bizarro premier skin for Superman. While there’s been no shortage of speculation since the Character Pack 2 announcement earlier this week, Ed Boon is once again whipping the fanbase up into a frenzy, teasing another very dark image.

Boon’s dark image goes on to confirm that players will be getting their first look at the next trio of characters to join the expansive DC comics roster of Injustice 2 next week at GamesCom. Knowing that Boon loves to tease his fanbase, many players have started to dive deeper to try and pull any sort of hidden details from the screenshot.

Naturally, fans have enhanced the image brightness in an effort to see any hidden objects or silhouettes in a similar fashion to the original nine downloadable character trailer a few months ago. This time however, Boon appears to have the last laugh as there are no character shadows in this image, though fans have pointed out a number of odd items scattered around. In addition to a spear sticking out of the ground, a purple object can be seen near the middle, with many speculating that it’s Starfire’s leg. It’s highly likely that the trailer will introduce the next three characters in the same room used for the first character pack.

While NetherRealm Studios may be tight lipped until next week, many fans believe Aquaman’s foe, Black Manta, will be included in this pack thanks to a recent Xbox Store leak. Not only that, the very distinct shadow of Mortal Kombat’s Raiden is also believed to be coming as well thanks to what appears to be a straw hat. The last character is a bit of an unknown at the moment as the community appears to be divided over possibilities such as Enchantress, Azrael, Beast Boy or another guest character such as Spawn.

Injustice 2 is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Ed Boon