Developer NetherRealm Studios teases its big plans for Injustice 2 at Comic-Con 2016, which includes a Friday panel where it will reveal new characters, gameplay, and more.

Although Injustice 2 was only just revealed a few months ago, fans are already chomping at the bit waiting for the next big character reveal. So far we already know of a few major players joining the fray, as well as a few unexpected additions, but it appears two more will appear from the shadows later this week.

As part of Injustice 2’s Comic-Con presence, which will include a panel on Friday July 22nd, developer NetherRealm Studios will unveil two new characters. Additionally, the studio will give attendees a closer look at new gameplay from Injustice 2, presumably of these new characters in action.

Full details for the Friday panel include the aforementioned reveals and gameplay, as well as more talk about the character customization coming to Injustice 2. Presumably that’s the element that will set this game apart from its predecessor, and factors into the elaborate costumes each hero and villain wear. Confirmed panelists for the Friday presentation include NetherRealm Studios’ Ed Boon, Injustice comic writer Tom Taylor, voice actor George Newbern (Superman), voice actor Phil LaMarr (Aquaman), and voice actor Laura Bailey (Supergirl).

Injustice 2 Trailer

At this point it’s unclear what characters NetherRealm might reveal at their press conference, but a fair assumption would be one representative from each side of the spectrum. Granted, the DC Comics fighting game franchise has always leaned a little more heavily towards the good guys, but there are so many good villains to choose from as well. Thus far the only confirmed villains on the Injustice 2 roster are Gorilla Grodd and Atrocitus – two very unexpected, but no less welcome choices.

Considering the reveals will take place at San Diego Comic-Con it’s reasonable to expect that the new characters might be pulls from deeper in the DC Comics library. If the reveal happened anywhere else the attendees would likely be scratching their heads, but at Comic-Con standing ovations for obscure characters are a regular occurrence. Who exactly those obscure characters might be is anyone’s guess, but at the same time some obvious choices like Green Arrow or Joker are equally plausible.

For now fans will have to wait until Friday to see what the panel may hold, but don’t expect NetherRealm Studios’ Ed Boon not to get in some playful teasing in the mean time. Any who know Boon are aware that the Mortal Kombat and Injustice creator loves to tease character reveals at any opportunity, and this week should be no different.

Injustice 2 is slated for a 2017 release date on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Ed Boon