With the Injustice 2 closed beta having just recently come to an end this week on February 21, NetherRealm Studios’ creative director Ed Boon has taken to his Twitter account to divulge some of the statistics involved with the trial for the developer’s forthcoming fighting game. As it happens, Boon revealed the data by way of a linked image in a tweet, providing details related to how much time fans spent playing the Injustice 2 closed beta, what they managed to achieve during the trial, and more.

As seen in the image below, there were upwards of 1.7 million total matches played during the Injustice 2 closed beta, while more than 1.6 million pieces of gear were dropped for fans to use as upgrades for their favorite heroes and villains. Perhaps most intriguing, though, is the statistic confirming that there was a single player who was able to squeeze in exactly 3,081 matches during the closed beta, which was the most matches played by an individual in the trial.

Of course, now that Injustice 2‘s closed beta has been wrapped up, it’s safe to presume that most fans of the fighting game franchise will want to know if and when NetherRealm Studios intends on running an open beta. Unfortunately, though, the developer has yet to confirm or deny the impending existence of such a trial at this point in time.

In addition to Ed Boon’s divulgence of Injustice 2‘s closed beta statistics today, NetherRealm Studios has also put out a brand new trailer detailing Superman’s backstory, which shows the Kryptonian’s turn to the dark side, as he and Batman duke it out across various levels and landscapes. Not to mention, Tom Taylor – writer for the original Injustice: Gods Among Us comic book series – revealed in a recent interview that a new comic will set up the forthcoming sequel’s story.

While all of the aforementioned details regarding Injustice 2 are certainly exciting, with a little more than two and a half months to go before the game’s launch, it stands to reason that NetherRealm Studios has plenty more to reveal in the coming weeks. After all, Ed Boon has teased the inclusion of many obscure heroes and villains from the DC Universe, as well as the addition of characters outside of the comic book publisher’s domain, such as Sub-Zero and Spawn. So, hopefully, we will see the roster expand even more so soon enough.

Injustice 2 is set to release on May 16, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.