It was a big week for Injustice 2 fans, as NetherRealm Studios finally released the Fighter Pack 2 trailer after weeks of potential leaks and teases. To the surprise of many, the pack only featured 1 DC character along with Mortal Kombat veteran Raiden and Dark Horse comics’ own Hellboy. The lone DC character, Black Manta, is being readied for release first and fans can now get a glimpse of what Aquaman’s greatest villain is going to play like.

The latest trailer shows off Black Manta in action, taking on Aquaman in Atlantis. The latest Injustice 2 character brings a number of tricks to the table including retractable spikes for some devastating combos. The character also has access to a harpoon gun, various eye laser attacks, shoulder mounted rockets, and a jet pack which lets him hover over a number of ground based projectiles such as Aquaman’s tentacle strike.

As expected, the highlight comes towards the end when Black Manta uses his super move. Pulling out a retractable trident, Manta pulls a two hit combo before using his jetpack to perform a rushing stab, leading towards a rocket strike which throws his enemy towards the far wall. Before smashing against the edge of the level, Manta fires his harpoon gun to catch his enemy and pull them back into a devastating eye laser attack. NetherRealm continues its tradition of win animation camera abuse as Black Manta unleashes his eye lasers before turning his back and walking away as the stage is obliterated by fire.

Although NeatherRealm has yet to reveal solid release dates on any of the three new characters, following the established timeline likely indicates that the remaining two fighters will likely arrive in October and November. Going further, it’s also likely that Fighter Pack 3 will be revealed late in November, with characters launching over the next three months. So far, the studio has remained tight lipped on the final pack, though speculation still surrounds characters like Enchantress, Beast Boy, Plastic Man, and Spawn to name a few. However, if this reveal is any indication, fans should expect to see a few surprises in the final character pack.

Injustice 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Injustice YouTube