A newly revealed trailer for Injustice 2 gives players a much better look at the recently revealed character, Black Canary, and her abilities like the signature canary cry.

With only a few months left before release, NetherRealm Studios is preparing to open the flood gates of information surrounding the various features and characters coming in the hihgly anticipated fighter, Injustice 2. As fans found out last week, the meta-human Dinah Laurel Lance, also known as Black Canary, was officially confirmed last week. Thanks to a new gameplay trailer from IGN, players can now see just how powerful she can be.

Similar to Batman, Black Canary is an expert in martial arts, excelling at close-quarters combat – similar to previous NeatherRealm characters like Commando-style Kano and Covert Ops Sonya from Mortal Kombat X. In this case however, Canary is proficient in Judo giving her access to a variety of holds and grabs to help keep her opponent guessing. She’s able to parry attacks as well, letting the player counter high or low if the timing is correct. For projectile-based opponents, Black Canary can also perform a hand spring which lets her bypass them and get in close to perform an attack.

Considering she’s a meta-human, her most well-known trait is her signature ‘Canary Cry’ ability, which sends a sonic scream at her opponent. The ability is controlled through her special meter similar to Supergirl’s eye laser ability. As the ability charges, the icon changes colors from green, to yellow, to red, which indicates its power level. The more powerful the attack, the more damage it’ll dish out.

Her super move known as Sonic Scream has her knocking her opponent to the ground and then sending out an immense canary cry which would shatter most people’s ear drums. She follows that up with a massive fist slam.

NetherRealm Studios is no stranger to character reveals as the studio, especially Ed Boon, have a long history of teasing the fanbase with upcoming characters. While speculation continues to run wild over potential additions like Red Hood, Firestorm, and many other heroes and villains from the DC universe, there was apparently a communication mix up over the next reveal.

Originally scheduled for earlier this week, a Tweet from the official Injustice Twitter account tried to clarify things and confirmed that the next official reveal will be coming next Monday, February 13. No reason was given for the delay, though the news will surely disappoint some fans. In absence of the new reveal however, NeatherRealm has sent out a fourth wave of beta invites and added the recently revealed Black Canary to the limited beta roster.

What do you think of Black Canary being added to the roster? What other characters are you hoping to see? Tell us your theories below in the comments below.

Injustice 2 launches on May 16, 2017 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.