The last few months have witnessed a slew of information morsels drop surrounding the Call of Duty game recently decrypted as Black Ops 2, all of which appear to be dovetailing into an official May 1 premiere during the NBA playoffs — and all of which appear to give us a tiny hint about what to expect come this November.

Perhaps the greatest revelation yet is that Black Ops 2 likely won’t be set anywhere near the haunting mysteries of its 60’s Cold War predecessor, but rather in the future 10 to 15 years from now. This we gleaned when the Call of Duty website directed us to an FPS Russia demonstration of a futuristic Quadrotor helicopter/drone, describing it as a kill-steak bonus for the game’s iconic multiplayer. It was a gleefully exciting tease, no doubt, but absent of any in-game footage, we could only speculate about its appearance in Black-Ops 2.

That’s no longer the case thanks to Reel EFX, the Hollywood special effects firm who built the quadrotor for FPS Russia’s explosive exposition. The company released a huge batch of images depicting the high-grade gizmo, both in its real-life construction and in its in-game manifestation as a weapon in Black Ops 2. Obviously the later is rendered on the engine of Modern Warfare 3 (or a very early build of Black Ops 2), but it’s worth seeing the drone in its computerized glory — if anything, to confirm that generic blue hatchbacks are once again destructible set pieces.

The images — and stop us if this sounds familiar — were taken down almost as soon as they appeared, but fortunately MP1st got a hold of the shots you see above first. At the same time, YouTube user MrRoflWaffles took things a step further by assembling them in their entirety.

Glorified viral marketing campaign be damned, the painstaking levels of craftsmanship and detail put into building the quadrotor are irrefutably impressive. It’s rare that we get to see how such a process works, and — while revealing next to nothing new about features or gameplay in Black Ops 2 — the screens drive home the point that Activision and Treyarch aren’t fooling around with the futuristic premise.

If you’re still hungry for more CoD mysticism, be sure to head over once again to the official website. In addition to a clearer, larger “Tacitus” image, a new set of alphanumeric riddles has been posted that may or may not contain an unknown message. MP1st has suggested using them as GPS coordinates, while a prevailing theory on Twitter is that they harken back to the encrypted morning reports used by U.S. forces in Vietnam. If that’s the case, is it possible Black Ops 2 could include settings from both the past and future? Take a look and try to decipher it yourself:

  • 34.D46660-CBE.2BC7C68D1
  • 34.D4416E-A98.2B7886AC1
  • 34.849C64-271.272956371
  • 34.34E76B-AFC.2FD106541
  • 34.84E56C-C4E.2718662D1

Ranters, how are you putting together the recent teases and rumors surrounding Black Ops 2? Is sifting through the speculation even worth it, or is it high time for Activision to start releasing significant intel?

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Source: MP1st , Official Call of Duty Website