Console War Graph Says Xbox 360 Winning

The human race has always been competitive. Since the dawn of time, man has always fought over the most trivial of things, such as “my rock is better than your rock.” I have no proof for this beyond anecdotal evidence and my own bias, much like this handy infographic which declares the Xbox 360 is winning the console war!

The console war has really heated up this generation, arguably more than in past generations. It could be due to the increased accessibility of the internet, with more people trying to get their voices heard or it could be the mainstreaming of video games in general. It could also be because of the position Sony is in. Despite dominating previous console generations with the PS1 and PS2, Sony has been outsold by the competition this gen – though the gap is narrowing between Sony and Microsoft.

The following infographic focuses on numbers to get its point across, though the Wii is not included because Sony and Microsoft wouldn’t stand a chance in terms of units sold. In any case, the infographic combines hardware and software sales, controller preferences and online account registrations to determine the winner. The first strike against the infographic is that the sales data comes from VGChartz, as the site relies heavily on estimates, adjusting numbers after the fact when NPD numbers and more reliable reports are released.

Console Fanboyism Inforgraphic

While the creator cites sources, some of the information is misconstrued. It makes mention of the PS3 having six USB ports and playing PS2 games for instance, but current models only have two USB ports and backwards compatibility is limited to PS1 titles. The statistic of 110 million PSN accounts also comes up, though there’s no mention that PSN account are also used on the PSP/Vita and PlayStation forums.

If it wasn’t clear enough from this year’s E3, the console generation is coming to a close so the “who won the console war” argument – as useless as it may be – will come up a lot more in the near future.

The Wii U will kick off next gen when it releases this fall, and rumors have PS4 and Xbox 720 landing within a year or two after. But when the dust settles, fanboys will look at hardware and software sales numbers and try to find out who won. Everyone else will be glad they got to experience some awesome games.

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