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Hacking on the PS3 has begun to spiral out of control. Lately, PS3 owners have had to deal with an increasing number of malicious hackers that attempt to ruin the online experience in games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Sony has addressed the security breaches, but developer Infinity Ward does not want to rely on Sony's solution alone.

The original creators of the Call of Duty franchise have stepped up and are taking extra precautions to assure that experiences in games like Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2 are not spoiled on the PS3.

“I just left a security meeting with the coders here at Infinity Ward where we discussed a lot of solutions. I feel good about the meeting, but of course I can't go into detail on the possible solutions we discussed as we don't want to give out any information that could potentially hinder the security any further."

"Our main focus right now is on:

1) Preventing hackers from affecting legitimate players.2) Addressing users who have already been affected.”

This hacking is a legitimate problem and has caused some players to opt out of playing with strangers through matchmaking processes. Considering the popularity of Modern Warfare 2, there are many gamers who have spent countless hours boosting their ranking in online modes, and the thought of having their accomplishments erased is sickening.

Even though the hackers represent a relatively small population of the total online community, this remains a valid concern. There have been stories of people getting their entire online progress in a game altered, not to mention having all of their trophies whisked away.

Sony has not ignored the problem, either. In fact, they just released a solution in the form of a mandatory system software update. This update (v3.56) will supposedly patch up the security problems and prevent hackers from exploiting the console - at least for now. In other words, PS3 owners can look forward to an annoying system update that takes considerably longer than it should to install.

Sony’s quick fix is not stopping Infinity Ward from continuing to pursue a stronger and more lasting solution of their own.

“I want to make it clear we will still be doing our own updates for Modern Warfare 2 for additional security updates that are specific to our game.”

It is great that Infinity Ward is taking it upon themselves to ensure that PS3 hackers do not taint the Call of Duty online experience. It's one thing for Sony to help remedy the problem, but seeing a developer address the issues themselves is very respectable. Hopefully these efforts result in a restored environment, where gamers can go online without fear of having their investments destroyed.

Infinity Ward, along with developers Sledgehammer and Raven Software, are hard at work on Modern Warfare 3, which is expected to release sometime in 2011.

Have you been affected by the breach of security on the PS3? How long will it take before hackers get past the updated security system?

Source: Infinity Ward Forum

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