When it comes to Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3, the two high profile modern military FPS titles releasing before the end of this year, there has been a considerable amount of mudslinging done by both Activision and Electronic Arts. While EA has been approaching the situation from more of an insult-prone stance, Activision has been taking the “moral high ground” and tried to keep things as placid as possible.

In keeping with that idea, Robert Bowling has thrown his hat into the ring and shed a little bit of light on how the little people, those responsible for actually getting Modern Warfare 3 out there to the masses, feel about the competition.

As it turns out, Bowling tells IGN, the folks at Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games (who were brought on to assist with getting the game finished in time) couldn’t care less about sales. To them, sales are a superficial indicator of whether or not your game is enjoyable or not. What’s more important is how each player responds to the experience of the game, regardless of how many there are.

“We don’t care about sales numbers, we don’t care about competition, we don’t care about beating anyone. Our 100 per cent focus is making a game that we’re going to love to play, that we’re going to be proud of, and that we know that our fans are going to play. To us, we don’t care if there are three people playing it or 30 million people playing it. If there are three people having a great time then we’ve done our job correctly and we will be happy.”

Obviously you have to think that Bowling would rather see 30 Million people pick up Modern Warfare 3 than three, but his point does fall in line with what we have been hearing from the MW3 teams as of late. They’re already on pace to break Black Ops’ numbers, and they know that, at least this time around, Battlefield 3 won’t be able to catch them, so why not speak on the quality rather than the quantity?

Needless to say gamers are anticipating both games, and now with a clearer look at Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer gamers know exactly what they are getting on both fronts. We’d rather just play them both and forget about which is better.

Do you pay much attention to this competition between Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3? If both turned out to be great games would you simply check them both out?

Modern Warfare 3 releases November 8, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: IGN