GDC 2011: Free Update Coming to 'Infinity Blade'

Infinity Blade Update

Donald Mustard, creative director of ChAIR Entertainment Group gave a talk at GDC titled "Infinity Blade: How We Made a Hit, What We Learned, and Why You Can Do It Too!" He covered some interesting points behind Infinity Blade, such as deciding early on that the game's graphics could be its hook, that is, the thing that got people to look twice at the game.

Mustard's entire lecture was interesting, but most of it was looking back. The most interesting piece of information coming from the lecture, however, was not revealed until the question and answer session at the end. When Mr. Mustard was asked about potential sci-fi elements in Infinity Blade, he not only responded that those nods and elements were intentional, but also let details slip about a planned update that would expand on that aspect of the story and universe. And perhaps best yet, he stated they planned to make all updates free.

For those that somehow may have missed the jaw-dropping beauty that is Infinity Blade, a quick recap: Infinity Blade served as the first game to debut the Unreal Engine on Apple's iOS. It brought current-gen console-like graphics to cell phones and combined great looks with intuitive and simple touch-based gameplay reminiscent of a more complex Punch Out!! with elements of a loot-collecting RPG thrown in, too.

While the game's plot may appear shallow at first glance, a knight must avenge his father's death at the hands of the God King, it certainly serves as a vehicle to make the game very replayable and also is subtle enough to serve as the backdrop for a larger tale and universe. One of those subtle elements being the sci-fi undertones.

Infinity Blade works as a great graphical-showcase game for iOS devices, and also as fun-to-play portable experience. Knowing that ChAIR built deeper layers into the story, and plans on expanding on those elements with future updates, is great news. The thought of ChAIR taking a game that is successful, and works so well on its own, and adding deeper, richer story elements to it -- and the larger Infinity Blade universe  --  for free seems like a big win for gamers.

What aspects of the Infinity Blade universe would you like to see expanded upon? Do you buy into the myth and legend presented in Infinity Blade? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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