'Infinity Blade The Deathless Kings' Update Released; Game on Sale

Infinity Blade Deathless Kings Update

ChAIR Entertainment Group set the bar high when they released Infinity Blade late last year, blowing everyone away with its spectacular graphics. Yesterday we brought you news that the creative director of ChAIR, Donald Mustard, let is slip that an Infinity Blade update was coming soon that will expand on the universe.

That update is called 'The Deathless Kings' and it's available now for the super low, awesome price of free. ChAIR also slashed the full retail price of Infinity Blade from 5.99 to 2.99 to celebrate the new update. So, if you haven't grabbed this game already there really isn't an excuse – other than the fact that you might not have an iOS device.

The Deathless Kings update will have gamers exploring dungeons in search of a dark secret the God King has hidden down there. Along with standard optimization enhancements, this update also throws in 30 new items to master, including new armor and accessories.

Ten new enemies were added to the roster of bad guys you will have to defeat in order to get to the God King's secret stash. When players are done they can continue to level up their character with 'NewGame+'. This allows gamers start a new game and re-master items and unlock new ones for your character.

Along with the NewGame+, Infinity Blade now has multiple character slots, the ability to change the size of the dodge button and in-game audio controls. Achievement hunters will love the fact that a new set of achievements have been added to the game along with new leaderboards.

The game is half off until the end of the week on the Apple App Store where it states that the third pack is on its way, so make sure you don't miss out on this epic iOS title. Infinity Blade is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Will you be downloading Infinity Blade now that it's half off? What secrets do you think the God King has hidden in these dungeons?

Source: Apple App Store

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