'Infinity Blade' Slashes to the Top of the App Store

'Infinity Blade' Slashes to the Top of the App Store

Infinity Blade is the one title for iOS devices that is truly pushing the boundaries of gaming on Apple's mobile platform. It comes as no surprise that, in just four days, the title takes reign of the highest grossing app to date in the app store.Cut the Rope held the previous top spot, breaking one million in ten days, however Infinity Blade shattered the record by bringing in a cool $1,625,829.76 to be exact, and in just four days.

The title hit the app store December 9th and Apple has since released some impressive reports. Data taken from Game Center revealed that there were 271,424 users playing Infinity Blade as of December 12th. The game costs $5.99 so, if you do the math, that number is on right on the nose with users to the dollar.

Aside from the heavier price ticket compared to most other iOS games, the marketing hype and word of mouth were other contributing factors toward Infinity Blade's rapid success.

Released as a free tech demo in the app store, Epic Citadel revealed the potential of gaming on the iOS within an iteration of the Unreal Engine. The combination of the hands-on teaser, the early demo of Infinity Blade at Apple's fall keynote, and the game's official trailer left iOS users waiting with baited breath for the game to hit the app store.

Now that Infinity Blade is here, it's almost impossible to avoid hearing about it - especially if you or your friends follow gaming news.

Multiplayer, additional areas and new items are a few of the details on an in-game list that are under development, and labeled as "coming soon", for future updates to the game. It was also announced that the first update is set for next week, introducing a new opponent and a few more items to keep players slashing, dodging and parrying.

With the transparency of what is to come for Infinity Blade, it's likely that the title will make itself at home on gamer's iOS devices, and possibly prolonging its stay at the top of the app store charts.

Infinity Blade is available in the app store now for $5.99 for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Source: Appmodo

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