Alongside the announcement of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, ChAIR Entertainment revealed Infinity Blade 3. Not only that, ChAIR revealed that the game will launch next week on the iTunes App Store.

While the existence of Infinity Blade 3 shouldn’t come as a surprise — a resume posting outing the sequel surfaced last month — the fact that ChAIR is ready to roll with the game so soon took us off guard. Nevertheless, the first trailer for Infinity Blade 3 is in, along with some first details regarding the game.

For starters, ChAIR is billing Infinity Blade 3 as the conclusion to what we now know is a trilogy, with players presumably continuing Siris’ quest from the first two games. The one exception this time around, however, is that players can also control Isa, the woman who guided Siris on his quest in Infinity Blade 2.

ChAIR says that both Siris and Isa will have completely different play styles and weapon and armor sets, helping to make them distinct options for players. It’s unclear if Isa will also factor into the story as well, since ChAIR is keeping pretty quiet with regards to a narrative.

All we know thus far is that John Noble (Fringe) will be voicing The Worker of Secrets, the main villain in Infinity Blade 3. And Noble may have his work cut out for him, at least for a mobile title, as Infinity Blade 3 is said to have more than 45 minutes of cutscenes.

As far as the gameplay, Infinity Blade 3 gives players a lot more freedom than in past games. Players will be able to select which areas they want to attack from Siris’ stronghold called The Hideout.

Infinity Blade 3 Trailer

Infinity Blade has been a flagship franchise for Apple devices for quite a while now, so it makes sense to release this third and final entry right alongside the launch of iOS 7 on September 18th. We don’t know if that’s the official release date for the game, but it seems like a solid candidate. Additionally, the game will presumably be a solid showpiece for the power of the iPhone 5s’ new A7 chip.

And, with Infinity Blade 3 signaling the end of the trilogy, that opens up ChAIR to work on another project in the future. Fans have been hoping for quite some time that they might return to Shadow Complex, so maybe now is the time.

Are you ready to end the trilogy with Infinity Blade 3? What would you like to see ChAIR work on next?

Infinity Blade 3 is releasing sometime next for iPhone 4+, iPad 2+, and iPod Touch 4+.