The inFAMOUS brand has always been recognized as one of the stronger exclusives in Sony‘s stable, but with the impending launch of the PlayStation 4, inFAMOUS: Second Son is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated launch titles. And with the claims being made about the launch line-up in development, that’s saying something.

Once again throwing a super-powered player into an open world and left to do as they please, Second Son will also be bringing something new to the series. As the latest developer video explains, the potential of the PS4 has the team at Sucker Punch more than excited to show gamers what’s possible already.  And why inFAMOUS is the right franchise to help bridge the gap.

Although inFAMOUS may not attract the same level of mainstream anticipation as The Last of Us or whatever it is Naughty Dog is cooking up for the PS4, their fans know that when it comes to open-world action games with attitude, Sucker Punch is responsible for one of the best on the market. And with a new hero, new setting and all new platform, raising the bar is a very real possibility.

Infamous Second Son PS4 Trailer

Even if it’s only been a matter of months since the public found out about Sony’s next-gen plans, the developers reveal that their work has been years in the making. Using the improved hardware and system architecture to make a living, breathing city and higher fidelity experience, Sucker Punch is just one of a handful of Sony’s internal and exclusive teams charged with setting the system off on the right foot. With that in mind, the risks being taken are even more impressive.

Previously centering on the main character Cole MacGrath, the aptly-titled Second Son sees the reins handed over to Delsin Rowe, a Seattle native blessed with the ability to manipulate smoke (for starters), turning the abilities into weapons against the armed soldiers containing super-powered humans within the city. The story may be changing, but the gameplay improvements and innovation made possible by the PS4 is likely going to attract more attention prior to release.

Especially where the much-bandied-about ‘Share’ button of the PS4 controller is concerned; inFAMOUS 2 took player creation and sharing to new heights, letting users build custom stages and entire missions with the same fidelity as those produced internally, so the sky is the limits for PS4’s increased emphasis in online community and interaction. The developers aren’t discussing that just yet, but expect them to open up in the coming weeks.

inFamous Second Son Launch

Are you looking forward to a refreshing change in the inFAMOUS formula? Or are you placing your hopes on a return to Cole in inFAMOUS 3 sometime in the future? Sound off in the comments.

Expect a release date for inFAMOUS: Second Son coming at E3 2013 in June.

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Source: GameInformer