While thousands of Xbox One gamers are getting their fill of Microsoft’s first major exclusive Titanfall, their PlayStation 4 counterparts are counting the days until an equally exciting release, inFAMOUS: Second Son. inFAMOUS has been a flagship title for Sony since its debut back in 2009, so it’s only fitting that the franchise’s third entry kick off the PS4’s lifecycle in earnest.

Thus far, gamers have seen plenty of what inFAMOUS: Second Son has to offer, from its new protagonist Delsin Rowe to the game’s new smoke and neon powers. But text details are mere appetizers when compared to live footage, which is what developer Sucker Punch Productions‘ has released today.

The above video features a full mission from inFAMOUS: Second Son in which Delsin and one of his fellow conduits (humans with special powers) Fetch Walker try to track down a seedy individual known as the “Leader.” The footage highlights many of Second Son‘s key selling points, from gameplay to visuals to its sprawling open world version of Seattle.

First off, viewers will instantly take notice of how great inFAMOUS: Second Son looks. This game will no doubt be a major showpiece for the PS4, from the way the particle effects scatter off Delsin’s character model to the next-gen sheen on environments. Obviously, this is a pre-packaged video so it doesn’t give us any indication as to how consistent the frame rate is, but the fidelity is certainly there.

inFAMOUS Second Son Mission Gameplay Video

Another key item of note from the video is Delsin’s approach to combat. As with past inFAMOUS games, morality plays a major part in combat, as players can decide how to engage enemies and specific objectives. In this particular playthrough, the Sucker Punch dev has opted for the more aggressive approach, leaving only a pile of death and destruction in Delsin’s neon-tinted wake.

That approach (good or bad) will affect multiple elements in inFAMOUS, from the way characters react to Delsin to the game’s story progression. It’s an idea familiar to fans of the franchise, and it’s nice to see it return here.

By now gamers have likely made up their mind as to whether inFAMOUS: Second Son is worth checking out, even if that means upgrading to a PS4. Here’s a game that could be Sony’s next big system seller, and it very much looks the part.

What do you think of the inFAMOUS: Second Son gameplay video? What impresses you the most about this game?

inFAMOUS: Second Son releases March 21, 2014.

Source: PlayStation Blog