‘inFAMOUS: Second Son’ Lead Designer Leaves Sucker Punch

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For those who are still holding back from buying a PS4, Sucker Punch Productions‘ upcoming sandbox superpower game inFAMOUS: Second Son just might be the title that tips the scales. Set in a alternate reality where government fear-mongering over the ‘bioterrorists’ introduced in the previous two games has led to an atmosphere of distrust and sacrifices of liberty, Second Son puts players in the shoes of a rebellious street artist who gets gifted incredible powers, and must decide how he wants to use them.

The marketing materials for inFAMOUS: Second Son have boasted some impressive visuals, from the rainy streets of Seattle to the brightly-colored graffiti that lines them. The game also moves on from Cole McGrath’s electricity-based powers, instead giving new protagonist Delsin Rowe smoke and fire abilities and the potential to absorb other powers as well.

It comes as somewhat of a surprise, then, that after delivering what looks like an impressive title, inFAMOUS: Second Son lead designer Jaime Griesemer has decided to move on, and has confirmed on Twitter that he’s left Sucker Punch.

Sony also confirmed this, adding: “We are grateful for all the tremendous work he put into Infamous Second Son, and we wish him the best in his next endeavors.” While many members of the team (like game director Nate Fox) have been working on the inFAMOUS series since the very beginning, inFAMOUS: Second Son was Griesemer’s first project with Sucker Punch. Prior to joining the Bellevue, WA-based studio Griesemer had worked at Bungie for over a decade, involved in the making of multiple Halo games as well as the early stages of Destiny.

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After working on so many high-profile games his skills are no doubt in-demand, so it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that this departure is the result of an offer from another studio. Griesemer becomes just one more senior game developer to vacate their post in recent weeks, so for those who assumed that the video game industry was stable even for those in charge of some of the most established and well-funded franchises, the truth seems far from it.

While some might be disappointed to hear that Griesemer isn’t sticking around for future inFAMOUS sequels, the Sucker Punch team has been around long enough to earn the benefit of the doubt when it comes to expanding the franchise as one of Sony’s most anticipated exclusives. If inFAMOUS: Second Son ends up being as good as it looks in the trailers, it will be exciting to see what Griesemer can bring to other game franchises.

We’ll keep you informed if and when Griesemer’s next role is announced; assuming the Second Son launch goes as well as Sony hopes, he may have a few interested next-gen parties.


inFAMOUS: Second Son is set for a PS4 exclusive release on March 21, 2014.

Source: Jaime Griesemer (via IGN)