In the run-up to Sony and Microsoft’s next-generation launch, inFamous: Second Son became a PS4 first-party selling point – in addition to a fresh Killzone series installment (Killzone: Shadow Fall) and freshman IP Knack. While Shadow Fall and Knack launched alongside the PS4 hardware back in November 2014, gamers had to wait an extra four months for the release of inFamous: Second Son; still, with no blockbuster Uncharted or God of War games to look forward to in 2014, Sucker Punch‘s open-world superhero title quickly became one of the premiere experiences on Sony’s new console.

Not only was inFamous: Second Son a hit among reviewers (read our full review), the game went on to sell over one million copies in the first month – maintaining strong sales throughout summer 2014. That said, despite incredible open-world visuals, a relatively short story campaign and limited side mission offerings left many players hoping that the studio would compliment the core experience with story DLC. Two months after release, those hopers were answered with the reveal of inFamous: First Light – and now gamers are getting a new look at what to expect from the Fetch (aka Abigail Walker)-centric add-on.

Fetch Infamous First Light DLC Second Son

Sixty days after First Light was unveiled at E3 2014, Gamescom has provided Sony with another opportunity to tease the highly anticipated piece of DLC. Check out the new infamous: First Light trailer at the top of the page (if you haven’t already).

Like previous DLC add-ons in the inFamous series, First Light is entirely separate from the main campaign – meaning that gamers who have not purchased inFamous: Second Son will still be able to play First Light (via download or retail Blu-ray disc). As a result, First Light isn’t simply a new series of missions dumped into the existing Second Son sandbox – with all new locations to explore and, presumably, some new enemies to face. Of course, gamers who did not start with Second Son will be missing out on worthwhile familiarity with the DLC’s protagonist, Fetch, who is a key player in the main campaign plot.

Fetch Infamous First Light DLC Curdun Cay

Sucker Punch has yet to provide the full scope of the DLC but, based on the new trailer, First Light appears to chronicle Fetch’s time imprisoned inside the DUP stronghold Curdun Cay – where Second Son antagonist Brooke Augustine trains Fetch, a neon-powered conduit, to control her abilities. Later, Fetch will encounter Delsin Rowe in Seattle but, judging by the current trailer, it’s unclear what percentage of the First Light story will take place in the Emerald City (past and/or future) – given that we see shots of Fetch battling DUP holograms inside Curdun Cay as well as a brief glimpse of the character standing on a snowcapped cliff outside of the prison facility.

The announcement trailer for First Light indicated the DLC will also be set in Seattle – with gameplay footage that showed Fetch traversing the city via her Flash-like neon run. Additionally, that trailer seemed to hint at a possible (and somewhat ominous) reappearance by Fetch’s brother, Brent, who plays a key role in her journey from drug abuser to vigilante – but, unfortunately, the second trailer makes no mention of the character.

Fetch Infamous First Light DLC Second Son Powers

Fetch is, by far, the strongest of Delsin Rowe’s companions in Second Son – with the richest backstory material to mine. Furthermore, the character also has the potential to help flesh-out underdeveloped story ideas from Second Son – specifically providing a closer look at Augustine’s true motivations as well as life inside of Curdun Cay (previously only hinted at in flashbacks and the online “Paper Trail” investigation). Those who just want to beat-up evildoers with neon powers might also have something to look forward to – since Fetch appears to possess varied abilities and at least one unique (car crushing) super attack. After all, it makes sense that Sucker Punch would inject a few fresh variations into the combat – otherwise, gamers might get pretty bored simply utilizing the exact same powers they’d already mastered in the Second Son campaign.

Exactly how much variation we’ll see between Delsin and Fetch remains to be seen and we’ll just have to wait until further official First Light details are revealed – ahead of the DLC’s August 26th release date.

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inFamous: First Light is slated to release as standalone content August 26th on PS4.

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