Not every video game series with serious promise gets to enjoy two sequels, but inFAMOUS: Second Son isn’t just keeping the franchise name alive, but being held up as one of Sony’s spotlighted launch titles for the PlayStation 4. While some might think that being a console-exclusive brand brings serious perks – and it does, as noted by the previous video detailing the new PS4 controller – starting the series wasn’t a cakewalk for developer Sucker Punch.

The latest developer diary for inFAMOUS: Second Son takes the development team back to the first pitch they ever made for their M-Rated open world action title, and how the pices fell into place for Cole McGrath’s electric parkour. If you ask us, inFAMOUS is a much better name than ‘True Hero.’

Although there are plenty of gamers who would still love to see Sucker Punch return to their roots and release another Sly Cooper game, it is nice to see that the core gameplay and desires that shaped that series were almost entirely adapted for inFAMOUS. Sure, the aesthetic and design philosophies are different after so many years, but there’s no denying the fact that both Sly Cole McGrath would be able to turn an urban landscape into a jungle gym with little effort.

Infamous Second Son Promo Art

The video speaks to the overwhelming drive to travel to new spaces and break new ground as one of the motivations for moving from the cartoonish Sly to the realistic world of inFAMOUS, and it’s a tradition they’re keeping up with Second Son. Using the new console to push the technical limits of what’s possible in the realms of superpowers, moral choices, traversal and combat, the hardware isn’t the only change to the formula fans can expect to see.

It’s always a risk to introduce a new hero – even one as different from Cole McGrath as Delsin Rowe seems to be – but a new setting can be even trickier. With the first game in the series set in Empire City – a stand-in for New York City – and the follow-up moving to the grungier New Marais – a.k.a. New Orleans – the developers are taking yet another step into the real world, with the new setting of Seattle, Washington.

Replacing fiction with an actual city is no coincidence, since the studio is located there, but speaks to the increased realism being sought after; realism the team felt would be best captured in recreating the city they live in. Check out the video below for more details:

Although the architecture of Seattle will be guiding the developers’ hands for Second Son, they have already explained that they’re less interested in recreating the city street by street, and focused on capturing the feeling of the urban environment. That doesn’t mean some of the most noticeable landmarks won’t be included, meaning those who live in or around Seattle may be able to take a digital walk down memory lane.

Of course, there’s no telling how the arrival of super-powered human beings (or the DUP tasked with containing them) will change the face of the city just yet. It’s still too early to tell if Delsin will make the same splash among fans as his predecessor, but there’s no question that Sucker Punch has a specific vision they’re sticking to.

What do you think of the new setting and main character of Second Son? Do you welcome the change, or think Cole McGrath should be the hero they stick with?

Expect a release date for inFAMOUS: Second Son to come at E3 2013 in June.

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Source: Game Informer