There’s on thing that sells new consoles, and that’s solid launch titles. In the case of PlayStation 4, one frontrunner is quickly becoming inFAMOUS: Second Son, dropping players into a Seattle in the midst of a metahuman uprising. The launch line-up for PS4 is being highly touted, but the inFAMOUS name still carries weight based on its open world gameplay – and memorable hero.

Sucker Punch‘s upcoming look at a police state trying to suppress super-powered individuals will be mixing old and new, beginning with their brand new lead character, Delsin Rowe. The first details and images of the main character are now here, and we’re fairly certain he’ll be growing on fans before long.

Second Son will soon be the subject of a month of coverage from GameInformer, meaning more information on how the PS4’s next-gen hardware will be improving game design across the board is on its way. For starters, the developers have opened up about the new direction taken with Delsin Rowe; a 24 year-old Native American male who may be more “artistic” than previous hero Cole MacGrath, but is every bit the rebel of his predecessor.

inFamous Second Son Launch

Normally we’d expect developers to claim that a new hero will continue the franchise’s tone and attitude, but the screenshots released support the idea that Delsin is…not exactly a fan of authority figures. In this case, the authorities are the DUP; soldiers tasked with containing and monitoring ‘bioterrorists’ like Rowe.

And from the newly released images, they’ll have their hands full. Take a look:

More details from OPM hint that the action will be more nuanced than simply having players unleash their powers on the hapless soldiers. It seems the DUP will also be blessed with superpower, capable of moving with super-speed or rendering the players’ powers inert. The developers aren’t going into detail on the powers available just yet, but they are confirming that where MacGrath wielded electricity, Rowe will be using smoke to deal out damage.

Granted when Delsin attempted to save people from a crashed conduit transport vehicle, smoke can be turned into projectiles, or used to burst across short distances. Players will need to refuel the power via smoke grenades or chimneys, promising big things for other powers throughout the campaign.

Expect more details coming soon, but what do you make of the new hero and direction for the inFAMOUS series? Is it quickly becoming your most anticipated of the PS4 launch titles, or has the series failed to hook you thus far? Sound off in the comments.

Expect a release date for inFAMOUS: Second Son coming at E3 2013 in June.

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