New 'inFamous 2' Trailer Released, Story Further Explained

InFamous 2 Trailer And Story

In order to be considered a superhero, it is generally believed that one needs to have abilities far beyond that of mortal beings. Cole MacGrath certainly qualifies, and looks to continue his exploits in the upcoming title InFamous 2. A new trailer showing off Cole's skills was released today.

Previous inFamous 2 trailers have given players a look at the game's morality influenced missions, and even its opening cinematic. As we draw ever close to inFamous 2's June 7th release date, more and more information on the game is being made public.

This new trailer shows all three of Cole's power groups: his standard electrical powers, the ice powers from the good path, and the napalm powers from the bad path. See for yourself just what they can do.

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In addition to the new trailer, Sucker Punch has offered up more details on the story for inFamous 2, as well as the origins of Cole's powers. Those who played the first inFamous will remember that Cole got his powers via the explosion of the Ray Sphere. Over the course of the game, Cole's powers increased, but after a vision of the Beast's arrival, Cole realized that he still wasn't powerful enough.

Cole heads to New Marais in InFamous 2 to find the creator of the Ray Sphere, one Dr. Sebastian Wolfe. Once he meets him, he learns that the Ray Sphere held a specific kind of energy that would result in genetic mutation. Most people would die from exposure to this energy, but a select few have their hidden abilities unlocked instead. These people are known as Conduits, and naturally, Cole is one of them.

Wolfe also created storage tanks for this energy known as Blast Cores, which he scattered throughout the city so as to not fall in the wrong hands. So, in addition to the conflict with the Beast, Cole needs to hunt down these Cores in order to further increase his power. How these Cores would further affect Cole's powers, and by proxy, the gameplay, is still unknown.

What are your thoughts? Will the Blast Cores increase the already selected powersets? Or could they give Cole even more powers to play around with?

inFamous 2 will be released for the PlayStation 3 on June 7, 2011.


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Source: PlayStation Blog

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