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Infamous 2

Infamous 2 got off to a rough start when screens and video of the game first were released. Fans were immediately displeased that developer Sucker Punch decided to abandon the shaved head look of protagonist Cole in favor of a more traditional look. By altering the look of their protagonist, Sucker Punch was, in essence, attempting to trick players unfamiliar with the original into thinking this was a new game but, at the same time, they were alienating their core fanbase.

Now all those naysayers can go the way of Barry Bonds and stay off the playing field as a new gameplay demonstration video from Games-Com not only showcases a new enemy type, but also shows gamers that Cole’s look has returned as promised.


Is it just me or does it appear as if Cole’s main form of defense is spamming enemies with bolts of electricity? From what we saw in the first gameplay trailer we were meant to believe that Cole’s combat would consist of more up-close-and-personal attacks with the camera perspective constantly shifting. Instead it seems like the game is a third person shooter where the player’s bullets are energy. Hopefully the purpose of this demonstration was to illustrate that the energy based attacks of Infamous have returned and not to show that even after 4 minutes combat becomes repetitive.

The new enemy in the video looks like more than a handful. Shouldn’t tossing three cars at this beast be enough to take it down or is this some sort of mini-boss? Either way the game looks much more fluid and the particle effects are enough to keep your eyes darting around the screen. Now that we have our old Cole back we can all start to get more excited about Infamous 2 and pray that Sucker Punch can deliver on the promises we all expect from a sequel.

How does this demo video look to you, Ranters? Are you liking the look of the combat or is it looking a bit repetitive to you?

We will all be able to decide when Infamous 2 is released for the PS3 in 2011.

Source: CVG

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