'inFamous 2' Release Date Officially Announced

inFamous 2 Release Date

May of 2009 saw the release of a unique meshing of genres, those being the superhero-themed beat-em-up and the sandbox genre, resulting in one of the more recognizable of PS3 exclusives, inFamous. The game's popularity ensured that a sequel would be on the way. When information about the special edition of inFamous 2 was leaked via Amazon, it seemed as though the release date was already confirmed.

Sony, on the other hand, changed that. Today, they announced that the title would not be released in May, but on June 7th of this year. They went on to explain many factors of the upcoming game, such as new superpowers, a new fighting system, destructible environments, and being able to have over 100 people on screen at any given time.

They also talked about the story of the game, where the main character, Cole MacGrath, has to face some new entity known as "The Beast" in the city of New Marais. They also went into detail of the game's morality system, and how the choices the player makes have a direct outcome on the story, leading to two different endings. The sandbox aspect of the game was also described, Sony promising that the city of New Marais would "take the open world genre to new heights."

Sony also confirmed the existence of the Hero Edition, which has all of the special add-ons that were seen when the item appeared on In addition to announcing that pre-orders for the game could begin today, they also spoke in detail about the music for the game, said to be a joint effort between Bryan "Brain" Mantia and New Orleans group Galactic. They will be working with media composer Jim Dooley and SCEA Music Manager Jonathan Mayer to provide "an eclectic mix of jazz, funk, and electronica".

inFamous 2 was announced at a retail price of $59.99, with the Hero Edition slated at $99.99. Which version will you be getting? Are you at all curious in regards to this "Beast" that MacGrath is set to fight? Are you looking forward to traversing a new city?

inFamous 2 is set to come out on the PS3 June 7, 2011.

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