Though inFamous was a fan favorite PS3 exclusive, a wide range of gamers let the open-world title slip them by. However, with a promise of new features — including the ability to customize your own missionsinFamous 2 looks to be a much more enticing prospect.

For those gamers who plan to jump headfirst into the sequel rather than experience the story of Cole McGrath from the beginning, a new trailer has been released that not only sums up the events of the first game, but provides a brief introduction to inFamous 2.

As was mentioned before, the inFamous series revolves around the character of Cole McGrath, a one-time bike courier who, after experiencing a cataclysmic event, becomes a superhero/antihero for Empire City. Using Cole’s power to manifest lightning, players began a quest to discover the one responsible for said cataclysmic event, while doing the occasional side quest along the way.

To see just how Cole McGrath became the super powered individual he is in inFamous 2, check out the refresher trailer below:


But, of course, it wasn’t just the story of inFamous that appealed to gamers but the combat as well. With a blend of open-world sandbox traversal and two diverse paths of ability upgrades, inFamous’ gameplay depended largely on the player’s decisions.

In similar form to the first game, inFamous 2 will require the player decide between two distinct paths, each embodied by a different ally. These branching paths will also dictate the types of powers Cole will be imbued with — whether they are lightning, fire, or ice based. It’s just another new feature for inFamous 2 that will add to developer Sucker Punch’s new focus on customization.

Even though this new trailer is a bit light on inFamous 2 plot details, there have been plenty trailers that shed more light on just the sequel and its new big bad. It’s a whole new adventure in New Marais, and Cole McGrath will need all that he learned in the first game to take down The Beast.

What areas from the first game do you hope are improved with this sequel? Are there any gamers that might have been uninterested in the first game that plan to check out inFamous 2?

inFamous 2 releases June 7, 2011 for the PS3.

Source: IGN