'inFamous 2' Allows Players To Create & Share Missions; Public Beta Soon

InFamous 2 Play Create Share Missions Public Beta

For those fans of open-world carnage in a bayou setting, we have some fantastic news. Not only will inFamous 2 give you another opportunity to unleash superhuman carnage on an epic scale, but Sucker Punch has just revealed that fans won't have to be satisfied with the missions that ship with the game in June. Players will have the ability to create their own custom missions, and open them up for the game's entire online community to judge.

The gameplay footage of inFamous 2 we've seen so far isn't lacking any creative or challenging tasks, but for those would-be game designers out there who think you can create a level or mission better than the game's developers, now is the chance to prove it.

Whether you dream of crafting defense challenges that force players to hold a designated building, search and destroy missions, or just seeing how long you can survive against wave after wave of opponents, Sucker Punch will be providing the tools to design and pose your own unique challenges online.

We've seen this level of player customization used with LittleBigPlanet, but bringing the same 'Play, Create, Share' mentality to a game as large and asset-heavy as inFamous 2 could be a major milestone.

By making the change, Sucker Punch is essentially giving their fans a limitless pool of game content, but will players be up to the task? To get an idea of how the creation will be implemented, take a look the official announcement trailer:

Along with the announcement, the developers released a few images of the creation process in action, and a look at how players will know if a missions is worth playing:

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How they managed to keep all of this a secret is beyond us, but we're not ones to look down on pleasant surprises. We know that inFamous 2's Karma system will be giving players the ability to choose their own moral stance - enough to warrant more than just a single play-through - but we don't yet know if the same choices will be available with the player-created content.

Custom-made races and escort missions are great for some, but if the game's community could truly craft new stories and missions for protagonist Cole, then even our highest expectations would be exceeded.

Choosing to play the game as a do-gooder or a super-criminal automatically doubles the content, but Sucker Punch is already expecting the community to bring the overall level count of the game into the thousands. Hopefully the ranking system they implement will be enough to separate the best from the rest.

What do you think of the addition of level-creation to the inFamous franchise? Do you prefer to leave mission design to the experts, or think that allowing players to create will improve the overall game experience?

If nothing else, the new mechanics are a testament to the potential in the free online access that PSN provides. We have to wonder if the same possibilities would ever be possible with the Xbox 360, and the fact that we have yet to see it in a major franchise might be a strong indicator.

Sucker Punch has previously voiced their belief that inFamous 2 could only be made on the PS3, and this may be yet another reason why the console is the only one that could make their vision a reality.

Hopefully more details on the creation modes and online sharing will be made available soon, but we do know that details on a public beta will be announced on the game's official website on March 14. When Sucker Punch reveals the requirements for access, we'll bring you the details.

inFamous 2 will be bringing out the inner game designer in you when it releases on June 7, exclusively for the Playstation 3.

Source: Joystiq

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