Sucker Punch Shocks PAX to Life with 'inFamous 2'

infamous 2

If you're going to be at PAX 2010, and happen to be an inFamous fan, then Sucker Punch has got you covered.

inFamous 2 will have it's very own booth with seven kiosks to try the new game out.

The demo features all new gameplay mechanics such as "The Amp," a new melee weapon - and a new power called the "Ionic Vortex." A few days ago, we reported a rumour that inFamous 2 might support PlayStation Move but there's no word on whether or not it will be playable with the Move at PAX.

As if playing the game wasn't enough, Sucker Punch will be giving away a limited number of inFamous 2 t-shirts at the booth.

infamous 2 t-shirt

In addition, the inFamous 2 team will be holding a panel on "Creating Super Powers" and they'll also be showing off new gameplay of Cole including a power called the "Kinetic Pulse" and a new enemy type called the "Ravager."

The details for the panel are included below:

inFamous 2 Panel “Creating Super Powers”Seattle Sheraton, Pegasus TheaterTime: 6:30-7:30pm

The first inFamous game was a ton of fun and, even though I didn't love it, I had a blast every time I sat down to play it. The gameplay became a little repetitive by the end but overall I had a lot of fun with it.

Sucker Punch received a lot of flack from fans after they changed the look of Cole McGrath for the sequel but they listened and brought back the vintage Cole. After that little hiccup, each trailer for inFamous 2 has made me increasingly excited for return trip into Cole's shoes to start blasting away at baddies.

The sequel looks to be more varied and fluid by creating a balance between melee as well as long range attacks - effortlessly shifting between them. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the sequel.

The inFamous 2 booth number is #122 so if you're down at PAX. Don't miss out.

inFamous 2 is set to do an electric grind onto the PlayStation 3 sometime in 2011.

Source: Playstation Blog

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