Opening Cinematic For 'inFamous 2' Released

inFamous 2 New Opening Cinematic

Since getting off on the wrong foot with a character redesign for inFamous 2, Sucker Punch has done quite a lot to redeem themselves in the eyes of their fanbase. Third-person action games are certainly not in short supply, so Sucker Punch may be in a good position given the outcry of complaints they received after the "Nathan Drake"-ing of their protagonist Cole. Any decision that warrants that kind of response means that the character means a lot to many in the gaming community, which is a fantastic place to start when building a single game into a franchise.

With our main character successfully returned to his former glory, we can start focusing more on the game. After revealing that the city of New Marais bears a strong resemblance to New Orleans in a recent trailer, Sony has released the game's opening cinematic, revealing even closer ties to the Big Easy. But don't take my word for it, see for yourself:

It's good to see Cole back to his normal self, and the graphic novel-style that has been popping up all over the place still isn't getting any less interesting. Aside from revealing the basic plot of the game, the trailer gives a look at some of the backstory surrounding Cole's need to dispatch waves of masked, mohawked enemies.The idea of using "the flood" to create a fiction in which criminals have taken over the city in place of the police, and are freely terrorizing the population is truly disturbing, and definitely has the potential for some social commentary.

It's obvious that there is quite a bit to look forward to with this game, especially considering the claims that Sucker Punch has made of late. I've been interested in how the game would turn out since I saw the stylized Games Com trailer, but have to admit that I never got around to playing the first game. It was either inFamous or Prototype at the time, and I came down on the latter side. I don't regret the decision, since I loved Prototype, so much so that I would love to see a similar title in the near future. Still, I've always wondered if I missed the boat on inFamous, and may just try out the sequel.

What say you, Ranters? Has the opening cinematic convinced you that this game is deserving of your hard-earned time and money, and have I truly missed out on a great franchise? Feel free to convince or berate me in the comments.

You'll have the chance to knock the mohawks off of low-lifes when inFamous 2 is released on the PS3 sometime in 2011.

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