InFAMOUS 2: New Cole Looks Like Old Cole and Other Details

inFamous 2 Gamescon 2010 Trailer

When inFamous 2 was first revealed, some gamers were a little cold to some of the shocking changes that developer Sucker Punch had apparently made. Where was the Cole of the original inFamous and why was Nathan Drake now leading the show? Well, it seems like the developers were listening, because according to IGN's Greg Miller 'Old' Cole is coming back.

According to the report Sucker Punch was very aware of the fan's outcry to Cole's new look (as seen in the E3 trailer and recent gameplay footage) and have begun designing another look for Cole -- one that hearkens back to the shaved head days of classic inFamous. There are no images available as of yet, but we're keeping an eye out -- as soon as we know anything, we'll be sure to let you know.

Luckily for you, that's not all the news we have for you today. At the inFamous 2 panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, the guys at Sucker Punch let slip some tasty new details regarding numerous aspects of the upcoming title:

  • The Comic Book style cutscenes of the original are making a return in inFamous 2.
  • The game will have a shorter development cycle than the original, as a lot of the tools were already in place.
  • inFamous 3 is a possibility, but not one that should concern gamers just yet. The team are still finishing inFamous 2, after all.
  • It's not yet set in stone whether inFamous 2 will take decisions from the original game into account, a la Mass Effect 2.
  • Ideas for powers that weren't explored in the original title will be more prominent in inFamous 2, and new abilities introduced in 2 will help the player navigate the city quicker/easier.
  • The city of inFamous 2 was chosen so that the player can easily recognize it (being reminiscent of New Orleans), and the change of setting was implemented because Empire City was mostly destroyed anyway.
  • There's no official information in regards to multiplayer yet, but fans have been told to "stay tuned" for more details.

2 Player Productions have also developed a new video interviewing the creators of inFamous 2 and, this being Comic-Con, focus heavily on the comic book inspirations behind the inFamous series. Citing influences such as Christopher Nolan's take on the Batman universe amongst other specific comic book aspects, it's clear that Sucker Punch have a clear vision about where inFamous 2 is headed.


Personally, I'm super hyped for inFamous 2. I'll admit that, when playing the first game, I simply did not care for the characters and I hated the comic-book-cutscenes. After the first couple hours, I was ready to take it back to the store and get another title instead. But then, I kept playing -- lord knows why. Soon, that 'couple of hours' turned into five hours, which then changed into ten hours... I was hooked.

I think it's mostly to do with the fluidity of gameplay. Whilst discussing our review of Crackdown 2 with other Game Rant staff, the main argument I had against Crackdown was that it never felt fluid. It's a ridiculous adjective to use, but the truth is, with games like inFamous and Crackdown the in-game sense of motion and traversal factors a huge amount into the enjoyment of the game.

Cole inFamous neutral

I couldn't care less whether Cole looks like more or less like he did in the first game (although I was never a fan of the whole 'shaved-head' look anyway), and I certainly don't care about the story they seem so desperate to emphasize. I have complete faith in Sucker Punch to do exactly what I want -- create a kickass game where I feel like a total badass. Is that too much to ask?

What about you, readers? Are you pleased that Cole will be receiving a makeover (again)? Are you excited for inFamous 2? Let us know in the comments below.

inFamous 2 will be zapping its way onto your PS3 in 2011.

Sources: IGN, Shacknews

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