'inFAMOUS 2' Morality-Influenced Mission Showcased in New Trailers

inFAMOUS 2 Morality Trailers

In inFAMOUS 2, protagonist Cole McGrath is going to be experiencing a series of difficult choices very similar to what was in the first game. However, unlike the first game, these choices are realized in the personas of two different NPCs.

Recently, we told you that Kuo and Nix are two opposing characters with motivations similar to McGrath’s. Though they both are trying to get Cole to accomplish goals that are, on the surface, leaning towards the good side, Nix favors a more direct approach and bares no concern if there are casualties.

As a result of this dichotomy, the player will, on occasion, be given two choices in how to approach a mission. In the particular mission featured below, Kuo has been captured and it is up to Cole to break her out via one of two presented routes.

The first, and more direct route, sees Cole supercharging a trolley car and ramming it through the front gate of the building in which Kuo is being held. Sitting pretty on the negative karmic end of things, Nix realizes that the trolley car will kill innocent bystanders, but feels no remorse.


Alternately, Cole is given by his good buddy Zeke a much more strategic plan that involves breaking out some police officers from a prison transport, and then making a raid on the facility as a team. It is up to the player to decide which of the plans they would like to execute, and, as such, tip the karmic scales to one side or the other.


While Sucker Punch has claimed that the choices the player makes as Cole will influence the way the city of New Marais looks, based on these two trailers for what are surely early missions in the game, he has yet to make any sort of major impact. This time around, though, the game looks much more “busy,” but in a good way.

As Cole is making his way towards the building in which Kuo is being held, he shows off a few of his signature moves from the first game — lightning blasts and telephone wire grinding — but also shows off some new moves like the lightning tornado. If this brief look at a branching mission structure is any indication of the type of morality choices in store for players of inFAMOUS 2, then it looks like two completely different experiences can be had with the game.

Do you see enough of a clear distinction in morality choices demonstrated in the two trailers featured? How do you hope to see this karma system implemented in terms of the grand scheme of the game?

inFAMOUS 2 is set to release some time in 2011 exclusively on the PS3.

Source: CVG

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