'inFamous 2' Karma Trailer

inFamous 2 Karma Trailer

The upcoming superhero game inFamous 2 has already sparked plenty of talk. The sequel to the PlayStation 3 exclusive inFamous has been greatly anticipated since its initial announcement about a year ago, with fans eagerly awaiting to use and abuse their electrical powers once again.

One subject that has been brought up numerous times is inFamous 2's Karma System, which promises to create unique gaming experiences depending on which path players take. The system has been talked about and details have been given. We've also seen how missions can play out depending on the choice the player makes, giving very different results from one another. However, we were kept in the dark as to how exactly the choices made affect Cole MacGrath, the main character.

Now, thanks to a new trailer, we can find out. Judging from the events shown, things such as Cole's outfit and the development of his powers depend on the choices he makes and the path the story takes. There even seems to be evidence that Cole can gain new powers entirely. This definitely brings a brand new aspect to the game that was not mentioned before.

We know from previous accounts that Cole's choices are actually evidenced in two characters that he interacts with. Kuo, the good character, and Nix, the bad. Judging from what was shown in the trailer, it appears as though Cole actually begins to gain the powers of the character he's following. However, it has been explained that there's still the possibility of the player doing enough from both sides of the spectrum, and balancing things out.

Should the player be able to gain both sets of powers? Would balancing out the two sides of Karma result in an entirely different ending than just following one path? How else can the Karma System affect the game?

inFamous 2 is set to come out on June 7, 2011, for the PS3.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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