There’s some sort of strange enjoyment in being scared, whether watching a well-done horror movie, listening to a scary story around the campfire, or reading a well-crafted horror novel. Whatever the case, people like to be scared. It’s why Halloween is such a popular holiday, and the folks at Sucker Punch understand this. So, to celebrate the holiday of the scary and the macabre, they’ve decided to release Festival of Blood, a downloadable sequel to their most recent game, inFamous 2.

At PAX Prime this past weekend, Sucker Punch unveiled Witness the Resurrection, a special sneak preview trailer that sets up Festival of Blood’s plot using the typical inFamous comic book style of animation. Have a look for yourself at the downloadable, stand-alone sequel to inFamous 2.

In case the dried-up, fanged corpse, Zeke’s story about “fangers,” or the use of Cole’s blood didn’t give it away, it looks as though our hero will be taking on a swarm of vampires in his latest adventure. Give credit to Sucker Punch, at least they mixed things up and didn’t use zombies like most other titles do, such as Red Dead Redemption‘s Undead Nightmare expansion (see our review here).

Following the events of inFamous 2 (see our review right here), Cole MacGrath is captured by a clan of vampires, and his blood is used to revive their leader. They attack the city of New Marais, seeking to take over and feed on anyone in their way. It doesn’t help that their leader now has Cole’s blood running through his veins, meaning he’s now a Conduit himself. To make matters even worse, Cole gets bitten, and is now a vampire himself. He officially has one night to hunt down and kill the lead vampire, in order to both save New Marais and himself.

An earlier trailer offers a few more details on Festival of Blood. Have a look for yourselves.

From what we can see, it appears as though Festival of Blood will have the expected Karma System typical of the inFamous series, apparently focusing on Cole’s new identity as a vampire. Players will have to make the choice of either fighting the desire for blood, or giving in and attacking whoever they can.

Remember, Festival of Blood is not an add-on for inFamous 2 — it is its own game, so you don’t need to worry about picking up a copy of inFamous 2 if you want to play Cole’s forthcoming adventure.

Will you be playing Festival of Blood? Will you focus on killing the vampires and saving the city, or will you give in and become a creature of the night yourself?

inFamous 2: Festival of Blood comes out this October on PSN, just in time for Halloween.

Source: Playstation Blog, PlayStation Blog