Sony has officially detailed some holiday releases that will feature compatibility with their PlayStation Move peripheral. Surprisingly, one of the games on the list was inFamous 2: Festival of Blood – a stand-alone DLC release that follows the further adventures of Cole  (this time on Halloween).

The Sony press release states that the new DLC game will come bundled with Move support and a title update for inFamous 2so, if you enjoy long gaming sessions with the Move controller, you’ll now be able to take the peripheral into the main game as well.

The announcement also included the price of admission and a date for when we can expect to see twilight descend on New Marais. “The Festival of Blood” begins on October 25th and will run players $14.99 on PSN.

The story within the expansion is that New Marais has been overrun with vampires – and Cole MacGrath has been bitten. As a result, his blood has been transfused into some vampire elder and, needless to say, its up to everyone’s favorite conduit to bolt to the rescue – to save New Marais and himself from the infection that threatens to turn everyone into a bunch of “fangers.”

Judging by the earlier trailers, it seems pretty clear that good ‘ol Zeke will return and, while there’s no official word on it yet, I would wager that Nix and Kuo will make an appearance within the game as well. To go along with the Halloween and vampire themes we suspect that the same moral choice system from the main game will be in effect – along with a new, and as of yet unannounced, set of powers. Additionally, since this is a standalone expansion you won’t need to have inFamous 2 to actually play the game. Though inFamous 2 is a pretty sweet game in its own right.

Looking at this expansion it’s easy to see the influence the Undead Nightare expansion for Red Dead Redemption had on the Sucker Punch team. When Rockstar Games released the initial trailers for their undead expansion I was unexcited (more zombies?) However, Rockstar’s Undead Nightmare was a smashing success – creating a parody of zombie games of which Troma Films would be proud.

Considering how awesome Undead Nightmare turned out, here’s hoping that Sucker Punch can work a bit of Halloween magic of their own when inFamous 2: Festival of Blood releases on October 25th.