Despite going through a troublesome couple months, Sony has been working hard to entice gamers back to their online service. While some may remain hesitant, that doesn’t change the fact that the PSN is a service that still has a lot going for it. One feature of note, is its catalog of full downloadable retail titles. Not content simply selling older titles through the service, Sony also makes select AAA titles available for purchase.

The most recent offering on the PSN is none other than the recently released super-powered open world title inFamous 2. Released to favorable reviews, (see Game Rant’s review) inFamous 2 managed to improve on its already successful predecessor and is a great addition to the PS3‘s catalog of games.

For gamers who have been debating the purchase, it’s even easier now that the game has become available on the PSN. Priced at $59.99, this comes just after the first game in the series, inFamous, became available on PSN for free as part of the Welcome Back program. It’s never been easier to get your hands on both iterations of the successful series.

For those of you who are PlayStation Plus subscribers, you will also gain access to the added bonus of a demo of sorts. Subscribers will have the ability to play the first 60 minutes of inFamous 2 as a demo if they are still on the fence regarding the game. On top of this, any trophies that you may acquire during this demo period can then be unlocked following your purchase of the full game.

While demos provide a great way of deciding whether a game may interest you, this style of demo may be one of the most effective as it truly gives gamers a glimpse of the nature of the full game. Whereas demos sometimes lead gamers astray by only showing the game’s best aspects, getting to play the full version for a limited time allows gamers to see what they’re really getting themselves into.

This is a feature that more console developers should start looking into as it not only removes the task of having to develop a standalone demo for the game, but if a game is able to truly stand on its own, this type of demo will more accurately convey that to prospective buyers.

Regardless, there is no denying that inFamous 2 is a strong title in the PS3’s catalog, so its move to the PSN was a smart one. Coupled with a strong method of demoing the game, gamers really have no reason not to give this title a try.

Are you excited to see larger, newer titles becoming available on PSN? Would you like to see more games taking advantage of this method of demoing?

inFamous 2 is out now for the PS3 both at retail and as a download on PSN.

Source: PlayStation Blog