'inFamous 2' Behemoth Trailer and Screenshots Released

inFamous 2 Behemoth Trailer Screenshots

If there were any remaining doubts that Sucker Punch will be taking their game to a whole new level with inFamous 2, the latest videos and screenshots should put them to rest. Protagonist Cole will be taking on some truly disgusting and terrifying foes this time around, and the newest trailers show just how dangerous they can be.

The original title was a simple enough tale of one super-powered human's struggle with morality in an open environment, but for the sequel, new enemies will be letting players experience a taste of their own medicine.

The most recent story trailer for inFamous 2 showed that the game will have a strong plot upon which to base its gameplay, but a third person action title will always find success or failure in its combat and traversal.

The foundations from the original title are a great place to start and the expansive Karma system looks promising, and thanks to a post on the PlayStation Blog we now have an even closer look at a few new enemy types.

With a large number of games now implementing the formula of a supercharged and deadly main character going toe-to-toe with a sea of ill-equipped enemies, it's become increasingly clear that a superhero is only as good as its supervillain. In the spirit of fair competition, inFamous 2 will be putting Cole up against similarly-powered opponents known as Conduits.

According to the developers, a new plot point of inFamous 2 will surround everyday citizens being given superpowers against their will. Even if these 'Forced Conduits' have no choice but to engage Cole in combat, they do so packing quite a punch. Those who prefer their enemies building-sized and nausea-inducing will likely be more interested to see the Behemoth in action.

Check out both for yourself, and remember, inFamous 2 is still 2 months away:

In case the action in that video was a little too frantic, Sucker Punch has also released a brand new batch of screenshots showcasing the Conduits and Behemoth. Check them out now:

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For many fans of the series, inFamous 2's new level creation system will be one of the more compelling additions to the game. What fan doesn't play through their favorite platformer or action title without dreaming of developing their very own stage or mission?

If LittleBigPlanet has shown us anything, it's that giving players the tools to create can generate just as much imitation as genuine creativity. The video of user-generated content released gives a good look at the variety possible within the creation system, from story-driven missions to intense combat arenas.

Look closely, and you'll also see one of gaming's greatest titles recreated in the world of New Marais:

It seems even if the story-driven and combat-heavy levels that ship with the game leave you wanting more, the creativity and nostalgia of the community at large will keep new content coming.

How do you feel about the new enemies of inFamous 2? Were you hoping for even larger enemies, or will you reserve judgement until playing the game for yourself?

inFamous 2 launches exclusively for the PS3 on June 7, with a Limited Release Beta opening on April 12.


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Source: PS Blog

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