A new trailer for inFamous 2 has released that teases the arrival of The Beast, the larger than life creature that is in direct conflict with hero Cole McGrath. Like any of the great monsters from gaming history, The Beast’s destructive capabilities are on display, but the final reveal of the character is being saved for the retail release.

For those who might need a bit of a refresher (since they have yet to check out the recap trailer), the story of inFamous 2 sees protagonist Cole McGrath — after the preparation that took place in the first game — ready to face The Beast. As the game progressed, Cole began to hone a wide selection of abilities, most of which were centered around the idea of harnessing electricity.

In inFamous 2, Cole will not only be able to control a larger group of elements (namely fire and ice), but he will have a few more allies to work with — in addition to comic relief Zeke. If the amount of Beast-created destruction seen in the trailer is any indication, it looks like Cole will need all the help he can get.

Improved graphics are also on display in the trailer, helping to showcase the destructive power of The Beast. It’s this trailer in particular that helps demonstrate developer Sucker Punch’s emphasis on differentiating the setting of New Marais with Empire City.


But, of course, the story and setting of inFamous 2 are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the changes made from the first game to the second.  A new mission creation feature has been implemented that will not only allow gamers to create their own inFamous 2 experience, but will greatly increase the title’s shelf life.

Each of the new features in inFamous 2, and the chance to finally take on The Beast, should be more than enough to get gamers excited for the game’s release next month.

What do you think of this Beast-centric trailer for inFamous 2? Are you more excited to play the game’s story missions or to create your own?

inFamous 2 releases June 7, 2011 for the PS3.

Source: CVG