Indivisible: The 5 Best Incarnations, And The 5 Worst

There's a game that fans of both amazing character designs and fighting games have been anxiously waiting to play for years now, and that game is Indivisible!

Made by Lab Zero Games, the creators of the fantastic fighter Skullgirls, this new title is a combination of some amazing platforming and a bit of the most all-inclusive fighting game-based combat we've ever seen. But, let's face it, at the end of the day it all comes down to the Incarnations.

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These are the people the main character Ajna meets along the way that join her on her quest. They're all amazing and useful in combat in their own way, but out of the 20 of them, we're here to talk about the absolute best and worst of the bunch.

10 Best: Nuna - The Battle-Hardened Vegetable Lady

First and foremost, it's the tiny girl who can turn into a vegetable, Nuna! Nuna is a resident of Kanuul that Ajna can pick up before heading to any of the other mandatory locations. She's got a great, simplistic design, and the fact that her hair wraps around her to make the "vegetable" shape when she's KO'd is just hilarious.

Nuna is also a fantastic fighter. Her damage may not be outstanding, but her traps and overall AoE/Juggling potential are through the roof! An observant Nuna user will constantly be user her traps to interrupt enemy turns so that it feels like the player is the only one who gets to play.

9 Worst: Lanshi - Literally A Dog, And That's The Problem

We hate it. We really hate the fact that we have to put the adorable doggo in Indivisible on this side of the list, but it can't be avoided. Lanshi isn't useful. At least not when compared to the other 19 characters.

Sure, petting him nets Ajna some free Iddhi, but it's never anything more than what a simple aerial combo can generate. Plus, players can't even strategically use his Action Points, because once he starts barking, he just won't stop. His super is his best asset, but even that is only useful in groups of enemies. Essentially, Lanshi is an amazing pupper, but an awful combatant, and that's okay.

8 Best: Tungar - His Finesse Doesn't Match His Stature At All

What's best about Tungar is just how early players can grab him. Tungar is found down an option path during the Fortress Vimana "dungeon" where he'll quickly join the crew. But don't worry, if you miss him, he can also be found in Tai Krung city a bit later in the game. Which is great, because Tungar is insanely good.

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His Urumi is fantastic for juggling enemies to get those juicy gold numbers, and his down+attack is even better for clumping groups of enemies together. Tungar is the whole package crammed into a tiny little warrior, and that's why we love him.

7 Worst: Hunoch & Xiboch - Amazing Designs Ruined By An Overly Simplistic Playstyle

To be fair, Hunoch and Xiboch aren't awful or anything and the two brothers are hilarious in all their interactions. These two Tlatchlibol champs are nabbed once the first story quest is completed in Kanuul, but only after players beat the demon that ate Xibochs head when he was alive. But, after using them in combat, we quickly figured out how one-note this pair is.

Hit the ball, hit it back for more damage, rinse and repeat. Sure, the damage is great, but they only have one move. It's so boring. There's no juggle potential, it's hard to integrate into combo's, and they don't even have interesting supers. Hunoch and Xiboch should've been amazing, but for two people acting as one character, they really play with about a third of the complexity.

6 Best: Leilani - Moana If She Got Lost With A Chainsaw

Leilani still confuses us. She shows up so randomly during the events of Indivisible, and yeah sure, we love having her on our crew, but her inclusion feels a bit forced. Still, a tiny Moana-esque islander girl with a shark-tooth chainsaw? One of the most radical design ideas we've ever heard. And to make it even better, she's amazing in combat!

She can use half an Iddhi bar in order to extend her hits and tear throw enemies, or she can spin-to-win with an AoE attack that uses all her action points and adds like 100 hits or more to the combo counter. Essentially, she's an absolute asset, and adorable to boot.

5 Worst: Zahra - the Musician Who Needed More Gimmicks And Screentime

Zahra should've been incredible. She's a music-based character in a game where directional inputs are everything. It should've been so simple to have her buffing songs be dependent on the combination of inputs the players used (similar to the ocarina in Ocarina of Time). Instead, she has one Action Point, she does simple yet effective buffs, and her songs are incredibly simple.

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This character is just such a missed opportunity. Music/Rhythm-based characters in games are always so fun, Octavia in Warframe is one of the most beloved characters for example because of her depth. But Zahra is shallow in her mechanics, and that's a real shame considering the amount of work it takes to recruit her.

4 Best: Ren - The Worst Guy Surpsingly Makes The Best Combatant

We almost wish Ren was awful to use. Players can only nab him about 60-70% of the way through the game, he's 100% a murderer, and his characterization is pretty basic to boot. But, unfortunately, his traps and overall damage make him one of the absolute best characters in the game, hands down. So it's hard not to recommend using him even if he's generally designed to be unlikable.

What's even worse about the whole situation is just how much we love him anyway. His design is just so hilariously garish and we adore it, and his personality is gross but somehow oddly charming.

3 Worst: Qadira - Maybe Her Lack Of Lips Has Something To Do With It?

We're really not sure if Qadira is all that bad, her moves are just so basic and plain. Every other Incarnation in the game has at least a bit of variety. Sure Ginseng heals, but she also crushes people with her Mortal & Pestel. Yeah, Lanshi's a dog that barks but he casts lightning as his supers. But Qadira? She hits people with her shield, that's it.

All three of her supers are the exact same with a few more hits based on the level, her attacks all feel the same, and utilizing her double-hit mechanic means she's awful for juggling as well. Qadira is a fine character, we just wish her original gameplay mechanics could've made it into the final product. But, from patch notes, it seems like they're working on it.

2 Best: Kampan - How Could A Girl With A Giant Fist Not Be Awesome?

Meanwhile, Kampan is exactly the type of variety we needed. Her punch-fist absolutely contrasts with her personality and we love that. Her moves deal insane damage, and nothing about her attacks matches her "thief" persona. Kampan is an anomaly, a cheeky British scamp with a fist that hits real hard. And frankly? That's refreshing.

Not everything has to match, and we feel like Kampan still works quite well as a character. Plus, boy does she do some damage. Her super in particular is one of the best in the game depending on how iddhi is spent on it. Seriously, look up combo video's, we're sure she probably appears in most of them, and for good reason.

1 Worst: Zebei - Just An Archer, And That's A Bit Too Plain For Us

And finally, we end on Zebei, one of the few projectile-focused characters in the game. There's him, Latigo, and technically Hunoch. Every other character has at least one melee move, but not these three. And out of the three of them, Zebei might be the worst. Honestly, his damage is probably on par with Hunoch, but his personality is much less exciting.

If you've ever seen the "cocky archer" in anything, you know Zebei. His design is striking, his moves are useful, and some of his interactions with Razmi or Thorani are genuinely hilarious, but he's just too by the books and plain to justify keeping him out of our "Worst" category.

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