Indivisible: 10 Best Ways To Do Some Huge Damage

Indivisible is finally out. After 4 years and a ton of updates (kudos to Lab Zero for keeping their backers informed), the fighting game-inspired platforming RPG is out and available on most platforms! The story follows Ajna and her collection of people she stores in her mind, which we can obviously all relate to. Right? No?

Well anyway, these "Incarnations" as they're called are what the combat is all about. The player is meant to use four characters at once, each assigned to a face button in order to combo opponents and introduce people to some of the best aspects of fighting games. It sounds way complicated, but quite frankly, it just works! The game is a blast to play, and, while we're cleaning up all the end-game sidequests, we figured we might as well let you all know the best ways we found to get the absolute biggest numbers during battle.

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10 Do Combo: The Fighting Game Portion Actually Matters

This might be obvious, but Indivisible is built around doing combos. The core gameplay loop is about getting that combo counter as high as possible while avoiding getting hit by the enemies at all. And frankly? It's a lot of fun to do. We personally think Lab Zero did a fantastic job introducing people to fighting game mechanics in a more streamlined fashion. Players will naturally learn throughout the course of their playthrough that they need to use their party efficiently in order to keep the combo going for those sweet gold numbers.

9 AoE Damage Is Insane: Use Characters Like Dhar, Tungar, Kampan, Etc...

A huge majority of the combat in this game is built around fighting groups of enemies. Sure, most of the bosses boil down to a 1v4 fight, and some of the harder enemies in the game are solo as well. But, the core of the fighting players will be flowing through with Ajna will be in groups, so AoE damage is tantamount for those big numbers.

There are a variety of characters that are perfect for that. Dhar's supers are fantastic for it in the early game, Tungar is built around AoE damage, Leilani is a cyclone of pain that sucks enemies in, and Ren's Up+Attack is almost too good.

8 Get Good: Juggle Timing Is The True Path Toward Infinite Iddhi

So, yes, combo's are important, but the deeper layer to combos is heavily dependant on Juggling. Juggling increases the damage some characters do, seems to lead towards gold damage numbers easier and absolutely increases the amount of Iddhi gained by the end of a combo.

There's still a lot of work being done by the players, but Juggling is still useful and is absolutely something players should try to maximize if they're aiming for those big chunky numbers. Some Incarnations that are great for this are Phoebe, Naga Rider, Yan, Kushi and Alttun, Latigo, Ren, Zebei, and Tungar.

7 Mess Around: Find The Best Synergies With The Characters You Like

Synergies are everything in Indivisible, both in terms of the message the game is trying to teach to the player about friendship, and more literally when it comes to combat. Some characters work insanely well together, and there are others whose moves counteract each other.

Half of the fun of this game is picking up new characters along the way and figuring out if they work well with each other while platforming through the beautiful work Lab Zero has created. Personally, our favorite combo is using Naga Rider and Yan together for infinite flip kicks or chaining Tungar's attacks with Phoebe's air-grab—and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

6 Be Patient: Don't Attack So Fast, Wait For Maximum Combo Potential

Now, for people who haven't played games even relatively similar to Indivisible or Valkyrie Profile, this next tip might take a while to get used to, but it's okay to do nothing while waiting for all Ajna's crew to get their Attack Points back. The big damage comes from combos in this game, after all. So, being impatient and attacking as soon as ANY points are up is actually counter-intuitive.

Enemies aren't too harsh, and their attacks are pretty easy to parry, so it's absolutely fine to wait it out and tank a bit of damage so that all the fighters are fully ready to unleash that 200+ hit combo for maximum damage.

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5 Time To Learn: Ajna And Other Incarnations Have Actual Combo Strings

It actually isn't just Ajna, a lot of the Incarnations technically have combo strings. Dhar for example only does his slide attack after players use three neutral attacks with him in a row, but Ajna's combo strings are the most complex—or about as complicated as they can be.

Her ax launcher turns into a two-hit juggle that also utilizes her spear and even an optional weapon she can unlock later on. Her bow attacks combo into explosions, arrows, and more. And, most of her attacks actually become perfect setups to her Supers as well. Basically, just because Ajna is the default character, doesn't mean her attacks are boring in any way.

4 Start Things Off Right: Going All Out Right From The Get-Go Is Actually Preferred

Frankly, a truly masterful Indivisible player can end a battle by turn one of every single fight. Once Ajna attacks an enemy and it transitions into the battle sequence, the enemies start all clumped together. This means that Ajna can easily chain all of them into her launcher ax-swing combo, which then works perfectly as an opener for the rest of a combo with any of the 20 other Incarnations.

What this means is that at the start of every battle, Ajna and friends can do their optimal big bombastic combo to every single enemy at once (usually), and that's even more absurd if she came into the fight with bars of Iddhi ready.

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3 Interrupting Is Rude: Try Messing Around With The Characters Who Can Disrupt Enemy Turns

There are a good amount of Incarnations that have attacks that can interrupt enemy turns. Baozhai's cannonballs do, Ren's traps can, Nuna's plants absolutely do, heck, even Altun's dive can as well. These moves are perfect for interrupting the flow of combat to keep the pain coming from Ajna's side.

Honestly, if someone could somehow figure out how to micromanage all these interrupts in one party, we doubt the enemy would ever be able to move again. It's a small thing, but many players seem to be missing the fact that these moves can interrupt and save the player reliably in most combat situations, so we urge people to at least try one of these trap-based characters out and see for themselves.

2 Mix It Up A Bit: The Overworld Damage Enemies Take Does Actually Effect Combat

Here's a weird thing about Indivisible, killing an enemy outside of combat doesn't seem to give EXP, or if it does, it is hidden. That's kind of lame considering that "farming" in this game is almost impossible, but that also means that the overworld attacks do affect the enemy's life bars.

This means that hurting an enemy just enough to kill them in one hit once combat starts is absolutely possible. We wouldn't recommend this until the late game where overworld attacks are plentiful, but, still, it's not a bad technique. Just remember that the damage numbers will change color depending on how low the enemy health is, so stop attacking once you see red.

1 Combo In More Ways Than One: Use Multiple Supers For Maximum Efficiency

Finally, the last little aspect about the combo system that people seem to have a hard time wrapping their heads around is the supers. These moves are almost always instantaneous and can absolutely be chained if the player has enough Iddhi. We won't spoil much, but, throughout the game, the super meter gets bigger. At max, most Incarnations can only use about 3 bars of Iddhi at once. So, if players wanted to say, do their entire combo but save one action point for each character, then chain super after super for buttloads of damage, that would absolutely be a pro-strat that we'd recommend.

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