Hot on the heels of first details regarding the ‘Earth’ DLC for Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer, comes new images and more details further outlining the new character classes that will be introduced in the expansion. Along with the new set of Earth-based maps — Rio de Janeiro, Vancouver, and London — this new DLC will also include six new N7 classes for players to tool around with.

Unfortunately, in the small bits and pieces that we have gathered about the DLC, not much was known in regards to the each class’s abilities and skill set. A clever Mass Effect 3 fan, however, was able to dig through the DLC files and discover not just the new abilities for each of the six new N7 characters, but a pretty detailed paragraph summing up each of their strengths on the battlefield.

Rather than rehash many of the classes already available to the player in the current multiplayer package and the Rebellion DLC, BioWare is going all out with a set of new and equally interesting character classes. Each has something unique about their skill set, from a new omni tool or the ability to replenish teammate’s ammo.

Here’s a breakdown of each new class:

(Adept) N7 Fury: Throw, Annihilation Field, Dark Channel

(Soldier) N7 Destroyer: Multi-Frag Grenade, Missile Launcher, Devastator Mode, T5-V battlesuit?

(Engineer) N7 Demolisher: Homing Grenade, Arc Grenade, Supply Pylon

(Sentinel) N7 Paladin: Snap Freeze, Incinerate, Energy Drain

(Infiltrator) N7 Shadow: Tactical Cloak, Shadow Strike, Electric Slash

(Vanguard) N7 Slayer: Phase Disruptor, Biotic Charge, Biotic Slash, has a guddam sword *is Kai Leng I’m assuming*

Fury: “Fury operatives use implants to fuel biotics and their incredible
movement speed. These operatives wind an unpredictable path on the
battlefield, moving in and out of combat before returning to unleash a
sweeping biotic attack on their unsuspecting targets.”

Destroyer: “The Destroyer’s T5-V Battlesuit gives these strong-but-slow
soldiers mech-like protection. Driven by eezo-assisted actuators, these
frontline troopers carry heavy weapons onto the battlefield.”

Demolisher: “The Demolisher uses grenades to attack at range and to
terrorize the battlefield. Demolishers can also create a supply pylon
that stocks allies with an unending reserve of grenades and thermal

Paladin: “The Paladin carries a powerful omni-shield onto the
battlefield to block enemy fire. The Paladin also uses the shield as a
heavy-melee weapon that, when modified with incindiery or cryo upgrades,
creates a devastating combination attack.”

Shadow: “Shadow infiltrators use implants to dramatically improve
agility, making them slippery combatants on the battlefield. Their
monomolecular blades are a menace from cover and close range.”

Slayer: “Slayers use implants to dramatically improve mobility. Their
dizzying sword attacks can hit multiple opponents, and the Slayer’s
ability to slip fire makes them hard to pin down on the battielfield.”

Along with these involved descriptions of the new classes, the clever file detective known as Gibbed also discovered a couple of screenshots for the new weapons included as part of the ‘Earth’ DLC. While each is very similar in design to weapons previously featured in the multiplayer, or released as DLC, they appear to be packing some pretty substantial firepower.

For example, the weapon we surmise is the Piranha Assault Shotgun doesn’t just fire some measly shells, but hulking, almost grenade-like ammunition. Hopefully BioWare doesn’t hide them behind Spectre packs and Special Spectre packs, but unlocks them for everyone.

One final thing revealed by Gibbed is a new Platinum game mode that we assume is just a more challenging version of the multiplayer. One of the recent Mass Effect 3 Operations asked players to complete missions on gold, and it was the first failure of the objective-based goals, which makes us very wary of an even more challenging difficulty.

Obviously we anticipate a BioWare-approved unveiling for each of these new classes and weapons but for now our interest is greatly piqued. The inclusion of the slayer class, which resembles the villainous Kai Leng in a lot of respects, is worth the price of downloading alone.

Which of the new classes are you most excited to play as? Do you think that these new classes offer enough new content to bring you back to Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer?

Source: Something Awful Forums (Via BioWare Forums)