'Ilomilo' Still En Route to Xbox Live Arcade with DLC and a Meat Boy Cameo

Illomilo Meat Boy Cameo

Ilomilo is a game scheduled to hit Xbox Live Arcade sometime in the future, though there hasn't been much news since the title was announced to be an exclusive for the Windows Phone 7 only with AT&T. Fans who aren't with AT&T were probably feeling a little concerned that they wouldn't be able to get their hands on the game. Gamers can now relax as the nouveau puzzle game is still set to stump you with its ingenious brainteasers on XBLA according to the Ilomilo devs:

"Recently, the XBLA version haven’t [sic] gotten so much attention, but don’t worry dear XBLA users, the game is definitely on its way and there are no plans on changing that."

This is surely great news to those who have been looking forward to the adorable game, but it seems like it'll be bringing a not-so-cutesy (but all too familiar) face along with it. Meat Boy, from the latest Xbox Live Arcade smash-hit Super Meat Boy, will make a brief cameo in Ilomilo, but unfortunately will not be a playable character.

Apparently, Meat Boy won't be the only known character making an appearance in the game, but Microsoft won't spill any beans on who these other characters are. Meat Boy seems like an odd fit for a very child appropriate title, especially because he leaves trails of blood wherever he goes, but more Meat Boy can't be a bad thing.

In other Ilomilo news, the game's developer blog has confirmed that there will be at least one DLC pack for the game. Titled 'Autumn Tale', this add-on will add a fifth and sixth chapter to the game's adventure and is expected to run you 400 Microsoft points ($5). It's kind of lame that Microsoft is already prepping DLC for a game that has yet to even launch, but if the game stimulates as much fun as it does "Awwwws" then the $5 required to purchase the add-on shouldn't be that hard to part with.

It's good to know that Ilomilo is still heading towards Xbox Live Arcade, but one thing the developer kindly left out was an official release date! I'm sure we'll get an official confirmation soon though, and hopefully the Ilomilo devs feel like showing off some more cameos soon too because we here at Game Rant love collaborations.

Are you looking forward to Ilomilo? What other characters would you like to see make an appearance in this puzzle game? How do you feel about planned DLC before the game is even out?


Source: Ilomilo Developer Blog

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