RAGE, the newest intellectual property from id Software, creators of franchises Doom and Quake, may not look it, but it’s really an appetizing piece of cow compared to the other first person shooters on the market.

Tim Willits, the creative director at id, believes the approach id is taking to RAGE‘s multiplayer, using single player features, will set it far and apart from other multiplayer shooters on the market. Rather than implement a strict deathmatch element into RAGE‘s multiplayer, the game will have Combat Rally, a vehicular based adversarial mode. Combat Rally will be standing alongside the game’s confirmed cooperative mode, Legends of the Wasteland.

Willits defends the shift by not wanting to do the same thing from the past 20 years. He talks about the change to OXM, giving reason to their chosen direction:

“We didn’t want to follow the same formula that we have done for the past 20 years. So we wanted to make both the single player experience and the multiplayer experience of RAGE stand on its own two feet, and be different from our other titles.”

And of course, what’s this steak comment that was alluded to all about?

“You’re right there’s a massive appetite for that sort of thing. But it’s like McDonalds. There’s a McDonalds on every street corner, and I love McDonalds, but I don’t want to eat McDonalds every day. Sometimes you need to have steak.”

Id wants to do something different with RAGE, no doubt about that. For the company who popularized the first person shooter genre, the burden of reinventing or revitalizing the franchise must feel a weighty. Unfortunately, according to our hands-on for the game, RAGE isn’t quite there yet on the gameplay front. It looks undoubtedly pretty, but this is an industry that judges more on content than looks.┬áMaybe the delay to October might do the team some good and allow RAGE to really become a game that fans of first person shooters will truly enjoy.

What do you think? Will the change in multiplayer gameplay be enough to set RAGE aside from the fast-food style of most first person shooters or will it be a case of digital mad cow disease?

RAGE will be releasing October 4, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Source: OXM UK