'Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus Collection' Release May Be Delayed

Ico Shadow of the Colossus Collection Delay

Team ICO has quickly become one of the top game development companies out there. So much so that, way back when the PS3 was still in its infancy, fans were already claiming something called "Team ICO project" to be one of the system's top ten games. They were saying this about a game that no one knew anything about, and no one knew would even come into existence at the time. That alone should speak volumes about how fans view the company.

With their latest title, The Last Guardian, on its way for the PS3 soon, Team ICO decided to give the fans something to hold them over. In September of last year, the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection was announced to be released in the Spring of this year, but now appears to have been delayed until the holiday season.

This information comes from someone claiming to be a Kmart representative, who says that the game will be released for the holidays. While that alone isn't much to go on, other sources may support that claim. The UK website lists the game for November, while Amazon lists it for New Year's Eve of this year. Other stores, such as GameStop and WalMart, don't have a release date listed at all.

Oddly enough, new details on The Last Guardian peg its release date as the rather vague "holiday season," as well. Sony hasn't given any official word on the matter, so the potential outcome is up for debate. For starters, the supposed Kmart rep may just be a random internet user looking to stir the pot. Maybe he saw the various vague release dates and made up a story. On the other hand, if the story does turn out to be true, then maybe Sony just wanted to release the two games closer together. It defeats the purpose behind the re-release, but who are we to question Sony?

What are your thoughts on the matter? Is this just an internet rumor that's got some momentum? Will the Collection arrive in stores around the same time as the game it's designed to promote? And if so, how will it affect that game's sales?

Source: Gamepro

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